Accessing the Scanning Electron Microscope Facility

Cross Section of A Leaf
*Fractured titanium weld
Before planning or commencing any SEM related work it is recommended that potential users (internal and external) contact the facility coordinator Patrick Conor to discuss their project requirements and objectives. The best sample preparation techniques will be discussed, as will whether the proposed work is achievable and/or likely to result in the desired outcomes. It is highly recommended (and much appreciated) that you do a bit of independent research and  bring to initial discussions examples of published work or methodologies conducted in similar research areas to your own, if any exist. 
Blood Cells on Filter Paper
*Blood cells on filter paper (Kode Biotech)


For all SEM bookings and sample preparation assistance please contact Patrick Conor (09 921 9999 ext 8863) or Marcel Schaefer (09 921 9999 ext 6943). Availability will depend on current demand and individual client needs in regards to timeframes and deadlines.


Clients undertaking long term or intensive projects requiring many hours of SEM time will have the opportunity to be trained on a one on one basis to operate the instrument themselves. Charges will vary according to whether a client is internal or external, from a research organisation or industry, or whether they are operating the instrument themselves (unassisted) or having the work done for them (assisted).

Current charges (2014)

User Category
Hourly Rate
AUT - assisted
AUT - unassisted
EXT Research - assisted
EXT Research - unassisted
EXT Commercial
$200 assisted
Au, Pt and C Coating
AUT – $5 per run (max 6 samples)
Ext Research-$8 per run
Commercial-10 per run
Sample preparation time
AUT – $20 per hour
Ext Research-$30 per hour
Commercial-$50 per hour

*Note: Original microscopic pictures have been colourised

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