The 3rd Australasian Conference on Wave Science - KOZWaves

Welcome to the 3rd Australasian Conference on Wave Science. This is a forum for contemporary research on wave science, promoting interdisciplinary collaborations between Australasian wave scientists, and with international researchers. It focuses on advancing theoretical, numerical and experimental techniques across the different branches of wave science, including acoustics, elasticity, electromagnetics and water waves.

Dates: 12-14 February 2018
Location: City Campus, Auckland University of Technology

KOZ Waves 2018 Flyer


Wave motion of solids and fluids. Metamaterials. Active and passive cloaking. Analytical and numerical techniques in wave motions. Applications in wave energy. Anderson localisation. Effective media. Elastodynamics. Experimental modelling. Extreme ocean waves. Homogenization. Operational wave forecasting. Optical imaging. Scattering. Seismology. Time reversal. Trapping. Wave–ice interactions.

Invited speakers: Ann Roberts (University of Melbourne), Sergej Flach (Institute for Basic Science Daejeon, South Korea), Brian Mace (University of Auckland), Frederic Dias (University College Dublin), Olga Umnova (University of Salford), Jerry Bona (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Abstract submissions: Submit your abstract here 14 August - 14 December 2017
Registration: Register here 14 August - 14 December 2017


  • NZ$ 450 Conference and dinner
  • NZ$ 200 Student fee for conference only
  • NZ$ 100 Dinner

Conference committee

Hyuck Chung – AUT, local organiser
Fabien Montiel – University of Otago
Nicole Kessissoglou – University of New South Wales
Ross McPhedran – University of Sydney

Executive committee

Luke Bennetts – University of Adelaide
Ross McPhedran – University of Sydney
Michael Meylan – University of Newcastle


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