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Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 9381


Physical Address:
MA204, School of Education, South Campus.


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (AUT)
  • Bachelor of Education ECE (AUT)
  • Diploma of Teaching ECE (MIT)
  • Diploma of Teaching ECE Pasifika (UA).


Fa'atamali'i is a lecturer for the Bachelor of Pasifika Education (ECT) and the National Diploma of Teaching ECE (Pasifika).  She has taken up a new leadership role as a Practicum Leader for Pasifika in the South campus.

Fa'atamali'i brings many years of experiences as a practitioner who worked in various teaching and management positions in the early childhood sector.  She received the ITP New Zealand Student Excellence award, (2009) as recognition of her academic achievement and support she offered to Pasifika students in her years of study.

Fa'atamali'i continues to extend that support to her students in the papers she teaches.  Her research interests position around ICT in Aoga Amata, the view of a teacher from a Samoan perspective and the notion of reflective writing.

Her current research project is focusing on how ICT is applied to support the philosophy of Aoga Amata.

Industry experience

  • ECE Manager
  • Peer Tutor for Pasifika students -Tertiary level 
  • ECE supervisor
  • ECE / Aoga Amata educator
  • Assistant resource teacher (ECE)
  • Teacher aide-Primary.

Teaching Areas:

  • 295124, Fonua: Human Development 1.
  • 295122, Ilo: Pasifika Curriculum 1.
  • 295121 Poto: Pasifika Professional Teaching 1
  • 292229 Poto ll: Pasifika Professional Teaching ll
  • 296234 Talanoa Ako: Principles of Learning and Teaching
  • 296230 Ilo: Pasifika Curriculum II
  • 296235 Tatala: The Politics of ECE 1.
  • 296233 Kainga: ECE Families and Communities
  • 297348 Ilo lll: Pasifika Curriculum III
  • 297347 Poto lll: Professional Inquiry and Practice III.

Current Research Projects:

  • ICT in  Aoga Amata
  • Role of ICT in maintaining language, culture and relationships in Aoga Amata 
  • Assessment tools for Pasifika students (Is it one size fits all?) 
  • Pasifika research methodologies.



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  • Kesi, F. (2012, July 28). ICT in Aoga Amata / Pasifika Centres: Are we prepared?. In A Rainbow in My Head. Early Childhood Workshop Day. Wellington, NZ. Retrieved from the Rainbow Day webpage.
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  • Tagoilelagi Leota, S. F., & Kesi, F. (2007). One size fits all? A Pasifika (Samoan) perspective. In Early Childhood Convention 2007: Pakiwaitara - Stories of the Land. Rotorua.
  • 2006 AUT Mini Conference. Presented with the National Diploma students - Music from a Pasifika perspective.
  • 2007 Rotorua Teaching Convention. Presented with Sala Faasaulala-Tagoilelagi Leota (programme leader) Assessment: Is it a One Size Fits All?
  • 2007 Saasia conference - introducing and acknowledging speakers of the day.
  • 2007 — accreditation for the National Diploma of ECE Pasifika team work.
  • 2008 — support the development of the Bachelor of Education ECE/Primary Pasifika Specialty.

Book contributions

  • Tagoilelagi-Leota, F., Kesi, F., & Penn, S. (2011, July 3). Matālālāga a le faiaoga aoga amata. In L. Manu'atu, M. Kepa, & T. Utumapu-McBride (Eds.), Critiquing Pasifika Education @ the University. Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Kesi, F. (2011, July 15). 'E sau le tau ma lona fuata' (Each season brings its own fruits). In Tagoilelagi-Leota, & utumapu-Mcbride (Eds.)

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