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On this page you can download or find links to seminar presentations, readings and videos.

Educating for a future we can't imagine — Professor Jane Gilbert
Idealog Magazine
Edge Work Director Professor Jane Gilbert talks about the education system, why it currently fails students and how a fundamental shift is needed to adequately prepare students for the challenges of the future.

Changing education paradigms — Ken Robinson
YouTube video (11 min 40 sec)
An in-depth introduction to why we need to think differently. I doubt whether anyone in schools has NOT seen this — have they had the opportunity to unpack the ideas and really compare them with what they do on a daily basis?

Can schools prepare you for anything? — Guy Claxton
EDtalks video (55 min). This title is a bit of a pun — Claxton is talking about preparing people for "anything" that might happen ie how do we educate young people so they can operate in a complex world.

Interview with Guy Claxton (done after the speech above) video (about 10 min). An interviewer asks Guy about how New Zealand's National Standards fit with his ideas. It's a bit shorter than the 55 min video above and focused on New Zealand context.

How to organise a child's party — Dave Snowden
YouTube video (about 3 mins). A brief introduction to complexity theory.

A Leader's Framework for Decision Making — Dave Snowden
An in-depth look at complexity theory. If you want more after watching the little video above take a look at this free paper from Harvard Business review (2007).

Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind — Guy Claxton
YouTube video (3 min 16 sec). Guy Claxton explains "how fast, decisive action can sometimes hinder creative thinking". A bit like the "Slow Cooking" movement.

Leadership in the Age of Complexity pdf icon (5 pages) — Margaret Wheatley
A magazine article based on her book 2011 book Walk
Future. It shows how a shift from being the "leader as hero" to "leader as host" enables new responses to arise in complex situations (like schools!).

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