Professional Learning and Development

Edge Work — Educational Futures Network offers three possible professional learning and development (PLD) avenues for teachers and school leaders. In addition the Centre can tailor PLD to suit the needs of any group.

The aim of the PLD is to support educators to think, engage and act differently. The PLD encourages and supports teachers to explore new possibilities. In addition, Edge Work can tailor PLD to suit the needs of any group.

This PLD is for teachers and leaders who know that current schooling does not yet address the sorts of skills, disposition, and knowledge building (rather than just knowledge accumulation) needed to cope in an increasingly complex world.

School staff and the facilitator bring different but essential spheres of expertise and by working together we believe we will be able to create new possibilities for education that neither could do on their own.

All the PLD is underpinned by theoretical work from futures studies, systems/ complexity theory and adult development and transformational learning.

Initially PLD will be facilitated by Ally Bull (primary and middle schools) and Gael Donaghy (secondary schools).

Contact Ally Bull or Gael Donaghy for further information or to discuss possibilities.

Three types of professional learning and development on offer

Introductory taster sessions
Future-focused professional learning groups (FF PLGs)
Year long, school-based PL

Introductory taster sessions

These can be tailored to schools' needs. Possibilities include:

  • A 1.5 hour workshop for schools. This could be for a full staff meeting at a school, or for a cluster of schools. This workshop is designed as a "taster" that aims to raise questions that might help staff to imagine new possibilities for school-based curriculum design. (This can also be extended to a full Teacher Only Day.)
  • A 30 minute presentation for parent and community groups plus 30 minutes facilitated discussion time about re-thinking school to better meet the needs of today's world.
  • The introductory workshops will each cost $350 incl GST. See below for schools outside Auckland or Tauranga.

Schools who have participated in a "one-off" session but who may not be ready to commit to the in-depth programme may opt to participate in facilitated online action learning groups. (There will be an additional charge for this).

Future-focused professional learning groups (FF PLGs)

These PLGs will give leaders and teachers the opportunity to explore ideas around future focused education, and inquire into ways in which they could foreground some of the ideas, skills, knowledge and dispositions required for working in our complex world. The groups will encourage people to think differently, try out new practice and reflect critically with others so they can learn from the outcomes of their and others' experiences.

PLGs will have a minimum of four participants, and ideally, not more than six, so that the time together allows for each person time to work in-depth. The participants could be a group within a school, or a cross-school grouping; they could be school principals, DPs, or a group of teachers who want to develop their thinking and practice in this way.

The cost of a FF PLG (1 face-to-face meeting per term for a year) $720 per participant incl GST. See below for schools outside Auckland or Tauranga.

Year long, in-depth, school-based professional learning development

Our main focus is on long term "bespoke" PLD. This involves an on-going relationship between the school and the PLD facilitator who takes on the role of "trusted outsider".

The PLD is co-constructed between the school and facilitator. Its actual form will be negotiated with each school but will be over an extended period of time (at least a year). As an adaptation of this, a cluster of schools may join together to work long term with the facilitator.

The cost of in-depth PLD  (2 days per term for a year) is $1200 per day = $9600 incl GST. 

NOTE: There will be additional costs for travel and accommodation for schools more than 50km from Auckland CBD (if Ally is the facilitator) or more than 50km from Tauranga CBD (if Gael is the facilitator).

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