Master of Creative Technologies

Matt Martin

Visualising the invisible

A tee shirt, but not as you know it. This garment contains 1056 LED lights which are programmed to blink in animated sequences when Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices are nearby. It is the work of Master of Creative Technologies student Matt Martin, and it has been featured on wearable electronics website Adafruit. You can follow Matt’s progress on his blog.  
As a Master of Creative Technologies graduate you’ll be a creative practitioner with an advanced understanding of the role and potential of creative technologies. You’ll be able to collaborate and communicate effectively across a broad range of artistic, technological, commercial and cultural fields.

The degree develops your research skills and practical understanding of interdisciplinary research in the creative industries. It draws on links between art, design, communications, science, engineering, computer science and mathematics. Research focuses on future-oriented themes or common conceptual frameworks for researchers from a variety of backgrounds.

As well as taught papers, you can take electives that draw on the diversity of expertise within the faculty. You may also be encouraged to explore entrepreneurial or potential commercial applications of project work from your own field.

Quick facts

Programme Code: AK1320
Level: 9
Points: 180
Duration: 1 to 1 1/2 years full-time / 3 years part-time
Venue: City Campus, South Campus
Start date: 29 February 2016

AUT encourages early application. There are limited places available. Late applications will be accepted if the programme is not full. Applicants will normally be selected on the basis of their level of academic achievement and may be required to attend a selection interview.

Fees scholarship available

Entry requirements

  • The Bachelor of Creative Technologies or equivalent with a B grade average or higher in papers at level 7
  • The Colab Research Interest Form which will enable staff to effectively advise students about the suitability of the course for their aims

Admission to the Master of of Creative Technologies is subject to the approval of the dean (or representative).

Guidelines to entry


You will undertake 60 points of research-based taught papers and a sustained 120 point research thesis within the broad creative technologies field.

CTEC800 Research Methods (15 points)

Select an additional 3 papers (45 points) from:
CTEC801 Transdisciplinary Practice (15 points)
CTEC802 Entrepreneurial Strategies (15 points)
CTEC803 Transmedia (15 points)
CTEC804 Serious Play (15 points)
CTEC805 Embodiment (15 points)
CTEC806 Post-Material Practices (15 points)
CTEC807 Readings (15 points)
CTEC808 Special Topic A (15 points)
CTEC809 Special Topic B (15 points)

And a 120 point research thesis which may contain elements of written and practical work, depending on the topic you are studying. The thesis may be based on your own proposals or related to ongoing research projects within the university or industry.
CTEC999 Thesis (120 points)

Click here to view programme structure and paper outlines.

Additional course information can also be found here.

Enrolment in papers is subject to meeting all requirements and availability of papers.

Please contact the Programme Administrator, Pat Jones for programme information.

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