Research Institutes and Centres

Warkworth 2 Telescope This page has information on research institutes and centres within the School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

AUT's research institutes bring focus to research activity. Their aim is to:

  • Ensure that resources are concentrated in areas that AUT has capability
  • Be the key concentration of research activity
  • Provide an education, mentoring and training role for postgraduate students

Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research (IRASR)

IRASR offers teaching in astronomy and exciting research in a range of projects associated with Radio Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Space Geodesy. IRASR is equipped with a modern 12m radio telescope at Warkworth, north of Auckland, and a supercomputer based on IBM Cell BE platform and running the IBM InfoSphere Streams specialised software.

Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute (KEDRI)

KEDRI was established to help the Knowledge Economy of New Zealand. Its focus is the development of intelligent information systems that enable Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Discovery in all areas of science and technology in New Zealand.

AUT Radiofrequency Identification Applications Laboratory (AURA)

AURA has a wide range of equipment available including LF,HF and UHF Tags and Readers, active tags and NFC-enabled mobile devices. The laboratory has strong industry links and is a member of the New Zealand RFID pathfinder.

Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR)

CAIR's mission is to create, develop and commercialise innovative IT products. Information Technology encompasses all forms of technology used to create and manipulate information in its various forms.

High Performance Computing Research Laboratory (HPCRL)

HPCRL is the hub for high performance computing projects in New Zealand. Based out of AUT, HPCRL works across a number of research and industry projects / initiatives aligned with computing technologies: exascale supercomputing, big data processing, mobile technologies, signal processing and low power computing.

Instrumentation Research Group

The areas of current research include projects in data mining and modelling, trend analysis and prediction sytems, audio mining (speech and voice recognition), signal and image processing, remote sensing and GIS applications, wireless sensor networking with associated database and web interface technologies.

Network and Security Research Group (NSRG)

Under the umbrella of Network and Security, NSRG's research not only provides sound theoretical foundations of key network design, evaluation and management but also involves more practical oriented efforts to solve industry problems.

Software Engineering Research Laboratory (SERL)

SERL conducts research in a number of key research theme areas, namely; Computational Methods, Autonomous Software, Software Engineering Process and Computer Graphics, Imaging & Visualisation. Research within the themes has a mix of academic, practical and commercial importance that contributes to the overall knowledge economy of New Zealand.

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