Master of Computer and Information Sciences (MCIS) and Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences Honours (BCIS Hons): Past and Current Theses and Dissertations

Postgraduate Programme Leader: Krassie Petrova
MCIS, PGDip CIS, PGCert CIS & BCIS(Hons) Academic Leader: Dr William Liu
Phone: +64 9 921-9999 x. 5829

Suggested Areas of Thesis and Dissertation Research

Master of Computer and Information Sciences
Theses and Dissertations (Current)

  • An approach of managing backups and their properties for a vast number of heterogeneous systems in a business cloud computing environment
  • Analytics of high secure desktop virtualization network systems
  • Analytics of visual cryptography
  • Development of tools to trace blood and other products in hospital environment
  • Identification and evaluation of methods for tracing blood products in New Zealand hospital environment
  • A study of Wi-fi based vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) using field trials measurements and simulation
  • Compressed Fourier-Based Decision Tree for Mining Data Streams
  • Enhancing Auckland Council’s Heritage Strategy Through Mobile Devices
  • Evaluation of existing database systems performance on in the cloud
  • Information Extraction using POS Technique
  • The security model for a data mining application in cloud computing environment adopting private information retrieval
  • A Fourier spectrum-based method to represent Naive Bayes algorithm for data stream mining
  • Assessing The Socio-Technical Impacts of Cloud Computing in New Zealand Organisations: An Exploratory Study
  • Data Mining Log File Streams for the Detection of Anomalies
  • Is A Multitouch Gesture Interface Based On a Tablet Better Than a Smart Phone For Elderly Users?
  • An automatic semantic information extraction algorithm for XML documents
  • A Case Study Evaluation of the Telemedicine Project  in Saudi Arabia
  • E-Learning in the KSA: A taxonnomy of learning methods in Saudi Arabia
  • Guiding tourists who travel in New Zealand with the help of smartphones or tablets in both the outdoor and indoor environments
  • EEG Based BCI Wheelchair system
  • Human face recognition within a complex environment
  • Evaluation of systems and tools for penetration testing
  • Anti-malware scanners for cloud security
Past Thesis and Dissertation Research

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