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Associate Professor Sigrid Norris

Director: Multimodal Research Centre

Phone: 921 999 extn 6262


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PhD, Linguistics, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA

MS, Linguistics, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA

BA, Russian Language & Literature, George Washington University,  Washington DC, USA


Sigrid Norris is Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Director of the Multimodal Research Centre.  She is the author of Analyzing multimodal Interaction (Routledge, 2004), rosarot und schwarz. Gedichte (Deutscher Lyrik Verlag, 2008), and Identity in (Inter)action (de Gruyter Mouton, 2011); and she is co-editor of Discourse in Action (Routledge, 2005) and editor of Multimdoality in Practice (Routledge, 2011).  More information about Sigrid’s work can be found at and at

Teaching Areas:

Sigrid primarily teaches multimodal research methods and multimodal theory as well as multimodal identity on postgraduate level.

Current supervisions

Getting attention, keeping attention and measuring attention in the age of information overload (Paul White, MPhil)

Media convergence and PR-isation in Journalism (Helen Sissons, PhD)

Interactive gaming practice (Fadhil Wong, PhD)

Actions in Extreme Sports (Jarret Geenen, PhD)

Children’s Actions with Mobile Devices (Jennifer Wells, PhD)

MSG use and the multimodal construction of Thai housewives (Boonyalakha Makboon, PhD)

Completed supervisions at AUT

Marketing the Visual Arts in New Zealand: A Critical Analysis of Promotional Material by Christchurch Art Galleries. (Candy Lange, MA)

Changing modal values through sustainable consumption of food. (Dave Brown, MPhil)

Research areas:

Multimodal theory and method; multimodal identity production; geosemiotics; and practice-based research method and theory

Current Research Projects:

Who are We? and How is New Media Technology Impacting our Lives?  A world-wide questionnaire project.

Geosemiotics Project: A global project-collaboration.

A video ethnography of the enactment of embodied modes as utilised during horseback riding lessons.

A video ethnography of workplace practices.


Some selected publications:

Norris, Sigrid. Forthcoming 2012.  Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis: An Integrative methodology.  In: Cornelia Müller, Ellen Fricke, Alan Cienki, David McNeill (eds). Body – Language – Communication.   Berlin, New York: de Gruyter Mouton.

Norris, Sigrid. Forthcoming 2012 [2002].  The Implication of Visual Research for Discourse Analysis:  Transcription beyond Language.  In: Dicks, Bella (ed).  Digital Qualitative Research Methods.  London, New Delhi: Sage.

Norris, S. 2011.  The creation of a community artist in everyday life:  Long-duration process and creative actions.  In Jones, R. H. (ed) Discourse and creativity. Harlow, UK: Pearson Education.

Norris, S. 2011. Three hierarchical positions of deictic gesture in relation to spoken language: A multimodal interaction analysis.  Visual Communication. 10(2):1-19.

Norris, S. (ed).  2011.  Multimodality and Practice: Investigating Theory-in-Practice-through-Method.  New York: Routledge.

Norris, S.  2011.  Identity in (Inter)action: Introducing Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis.  Berlin, Boston: deGruyter Mouton.

Norris, S.  2009.  Tempo, Auftakt, Levels of Actions, and Practice: Rhythms in Ordinary Interactions.  Journal of Applied Linguistics 6 (3)

Norris, S. 2009.  Modal density and modal configurations: Multimodal actions. In Jewit, C. (ed) Routledge Handbook for Multimodal Discourse Analysis.  London: Routledge.

Norris, S. 2008.  rosarot und schwarz. Gedichte.  Aachen, Germany: Deutscher Lyrik Verlag.  

Norris, S.  2008.  Personal identity construction: A multimodal perspective.  In Bhatia, Vijay, Flowerdew John, and Jones, Rodney, H. (eds) New Directions in Discourse. London: Routledge. 132-149.

Norris, S. 2007. The Micropolitics of personal national and ethnicity identity.  Discourse and Society. 18(5): 653-674.

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