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Multimodal Research Centre The Multimodal Research Centre (MRC) is made up of a network of interdisciplinary researchers at Auckland University of Technology, who focus on the significance of multimodal theory and methodology for communication in its broadest sense. Through advancement and collaborations, the MRC contributes to the development of the research community locally, nationally, and internationally.

The major focus of the MRC is the further development of multimodal methodology and theory in connection with practical advances in social life. Researchers in this Centre come from diverse areas of social science research and have two beliefs in common:

  • all communication is multimodal
  • all areas of social life are based on and touched by communication in some form
These broad beliefs drive the Centre’s research engagement and research projects.

Inside MRC

In May 2009 the MRC became the first research centre integrating multimodal discourse and interaction analysis.

The MRC organically developed out of the Multimodal Research Group, first formed in 2007, when Dr. Sigrid Norris joined the School of Communication Studies at AUT, Auckland, New Zealand. By 2009, the formally loosely knit Multimodal Research Group had developed into a strong network of researchers with a core interest in multimodal discourse, multimodality, and multimodal interaction analysis. At this point, the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies, of which the School of Communication Studies is a part, saw the need to create a more formal structure. Thus, the MRC was created; Dr. Sigrid Norris was appointed as the Director, and the Centre began to receive funding. 

The work in the MRC is largely inspired by the late Ron Scollon and his work in Mediated Discourse Analysis. Because of this, the Centre takes as one of its missions to extend his work. Other missions that the Centre has set for itself are to further develop Multimodal Interaction Analysis (MIA), and to bridge work conducted at the Centre with any other form of Multimodal Discourse Analysis.

The MRC takes as its vision to chart new territory in any type of communication, discourse, and interaction by utilising and developing multimodal frameworks of inquiry.

Research Objectives

Researchers in the MRC believe in a multi-methodological and multi-theoretical approach to contribute to and advance academic inquiry. 

Our goal in the MRC is to contribute to academic investigation by furthering methodological and theoretical frameworks for multimodality, multimodal discourse, and multimodal interaction; to broaden the theory-practice nexus; and to positively impact the social communities we serve.

The MRC intends to be the leading Research Centre for Multimodal Interaction and Mediated Discourse Analysis in the world.

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