2011 Expanding Documentary Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings Expanding Documentary

Ngā Wai o Horotiu Marae

Auckland University of Technology

Aotearoa New Zealand

Editor: Dr Geraldene Peters



ISSN:  2253-1475 (digital)

Table of Contents

Ross Brannigan: Navigating diverse cultures in the production of Look at You, Aroha Atu, Aroha Mai
Page: 1-6   

Dr. Russell Campbell:  The operative logic of Operation 8
Page: 7-13     

Kerreen Ely-Harper
: Your search found no stories: Memory, history and family biography on film
Page: 14-24  

Bettina Frankham: Evidentiary to experiential – a poetic approach to documentary
Page: 25-34

Bronwen Gray & Dr. Alan Young
: Digital storytelling and narrative therapy: A case study in working with disenfranchised communities in Australia and New Zealand                 
Page: 35-41                  

Trent Griffiths: Representational eruptions: the filmmaker in the frame     
Page: 42-49  

Lisa Gye & Jeremy Weinstein
: Docummunity and the disruptive potential of collaborative filmmaking                  
Page: 50-57   

Alan Hill: Picturing power: Visual strategies employed by contemporary documentary photographers to examine underlying power relationships and structures                     
Page: 58-69               

King Tong Ho: Expanding from dominion road: Documentary through discourse
Page: 70-90

Kelly Hussey-Smith: Animals as decoration and entertainment
Page: 91-113

Emma Kelly & Eileen Lavranos: “Sometimes I Hate Them”: In what ways do identity and subjectivity Currently  influence forms of documentary expression?      
Page: 114-120

Professor Shaoxiong Lin: The special history shown by film:  A case study of the dance age  
Page: 121-128 

Xiulun Ma: Study on the form and style of documentaries during the Chinese “Cultural Revolution” (1966-1976)  
Page: 129-140

Caroline McCaw: Social histories in conversation
Page: 141-149

Janet Merewether: Autobiographical and historical representations of maternal embodiment  and the single mother in the hybrid documentary Maverick Mother     
Page: 150-161

Shaun Nicholson
: The complication or complexity of an augmented reality
Page: 162-171

Dr. Max R.C. Schleser: Mobile-mentary (mobile documentary) 2.0: The distinction between collaborative and co-creation in documentary theory and practice          
Page: 172-180

Julia Scott-Stevenson
: The interactive documentary in a cross-platform, community context 
Page: 181-188

Myriam Tremblay-Sher: The promise of return: Understanding the historical trauma of the Holocaust through personal documentary films     
Page:  189-195

Dr. Laetitia Wilson & Sohan Ariel Hayes: Birndi Wirndi /Worlds Apart: Site-specific documentary
Page: 196-202

John Liddell and Dr. Jillian Hamilton: Documentary as history, memory, dream and film
Page: 203 -216

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