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This page gives an overview of events and activities happening around the School of Communication Studies.


In an action-packed two-day event, attendees will hear from over 30 international and local speakers on how digital disruption is changing the way we live and work and learn how organizations are leveraging the opportunities created by digital disruption to transform their businesses. The unique structure allows for exploration of topics on a conceptual, inspirational and practical level, and brings together innovators and world-class minds from the Pacific Rim and further afield — some blazing with huge ideas and others who have already made their ideas real. 
  • Research Seminar - "This is (still) a man’s (news) world: Report from the UK Study for the Global Media Monitoring Project" by Dr Cynthia Carter
    2pm, 12 December 2013, WG906, Sir Paul Reeves Building
Every five years, since 1995, volunteers around the world have monitored their country’s news media (television, newspapers, radio) on one day as part of the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) in order to assess the ways in which women are represented in the news as news actors and producers.  In 2010, 108 countries participated in the study. In this talk, she reports on some of the most compelling quantitative findings taken from the UK and the Republic of Ireland data for the most recent GMMP.
  • Research Seminar - "Citizen Witnessing" by Professor Stuart Allan
    2pm, 10 December 2013, WG906, Sir Paul Reeves Building

Professor Stuart Allan, visiting journalism Professor from Bournemouth University in Britain will talk about citizen journalism and the role of cell phone and other new forms of photo journalism on its impact on mainstream journalism.

  • The Project
    4.30pm, 19 November, AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building, Mayoral Drive, Auckland CBD
Dr Jeff Cole, founder and director of the Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg will talk about how global digital trends are transforming the way we live and work.
  • 2013 MINA Symposium and Screening2013 MINA Symposium and Screening
    18 - 22 November 2013, AUT City Campus
AUT University will be the home of a series of events exploring mobile technologies in film, education, business and creativity.  The week begins with a two-day mobile filmmaking workshop, and moves into the Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium, before closing with two public Screenings.International MINA Mobile Innovation Screening

The events are co-hosted by MINA (Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa), Colab (AUT University) and the School of Art & Design (AUT University) in collaboration with the College of Creative Arts, (Massey University, Wellington).

Within the last few years, the proliferation of smartphones and other devices such as Google glass or the recent Galaxy Gear smart watch have changed the way people interact and communicate.  These emerging technologies of the small screen are now at the heart of our society and impact greatly on our day-to-day lives.

The 2013 MINA Symposium and Screening is centred around the question, ‘how are mobile and social media technologies  used to support innovation, society and creative development?’ and will seek to answer this question through presentations of academic papers, workshops, poster presentations, performances, project showcases and mobile screenings in situ and via live web-broadcasts. 

The key events are:

3rd Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium
21 - 22 November | 9.15am – 6pm
Cost: $45 - $130
Location: AUT City Campus WG403, Level 3, WG Sir Paul Reeves Building, Governor Fitzroy Place
Register now!

Mobile Innovation Screenings
21 November | 7pm – 8pm
22 November | 6pm – 7pm
Cost: FREE
Location: AUT City Campus WG404, Level 4, WG Sir Paul Reeves Building, Governor Fitzroy Place
Limited capacity. No registration required.

Mobile Phone Filmmaking Workshop

18 -19 November | 9am – 4pm
Cost: $90 - $160
Location: AUT City Campus WE402, Level 4, WE Art & Design Building, St Paul Street
Register now!

Find out more about MINA
  • Flavourz Film Festival
    6.30pm, 11th of November , AUT Sir Paul Reeves building at AUT (City Campus)  WG403.

Flavourz Film Festivalis an event to showcase the short films produced by 3rd year AUT television majors in their final year at AUT. 

  • Film Archive Screening at AUT - Fabric & Rhythm: 1920s New Zealand Architecture on film
    6pm, 29 October, 2013, AUT City Campus, WG403 lecture theatre, level 3+4, WG Building, 2 Governor Fitzroy Place
    Free of charge

Pupils Practising for Monster Curated by Christine McCarthy, VUW Architecture School, from the collection of The New Zealand Film Archive Ngā Kaitiaki O Ngā Taonga Whitiāhua and set to music.

This selection of films presents a broad account of New Zealand architecture in the 1920s. This was a period in New Zealand’s history between the two World Wars, which is conventionally typecast as conservative, and architects were frustrated with the public’s seeming lack of appreciation of the importance of architecture. Timber shortages, the rise of town-planning and the pervasiveness of the automobile all impacted on the new shape of the built environment.

Urban fabric was increasingly differentiated from suburbia during this time and from a twenty-first-century perspective the images of our larger cities appear fragile. The rhythm of the machine dominates, and a sometimes uncanny echo occurs between contemporary dance and factory rhythms. In this respect it is perhaps important to remember that the 1920′s was both the high point of the eugenics movement, which cherished exercise and an idealized body, and the ambitions of Fordism and the factory assembly line. The film selection concludes with a more playful look at the architecture of industry.

This screening will appeal to students and public alike interested in Spatial Design, Architecture, Heritage and Social History.

These free monthly screenings are presented as a partnership between Colab, AUT and The Film Archive.

  • Made Movement
    12.30 – 1.30pm, 18 October 2013,
    Sir Paul Reeves Building AUT UniversityRSVP NOW MM

Meet America’s hottest new Ad agency!

Made Movement is a new shop that redefines the ad agency model.

Three senior partners Dave Schiff, John Kieselhorst and Scott Prindle, formerly from Crispin Porter+Bogusky, have focused their brand on American made products only. The fast growing start-up is a year old and has since added Alex Bogusky as a partner. The agency model is supported by a novel retail site that features on their website where customers can purchase products online.

Can such a model exist in New Zealand – albeit a tiny market in comparison?  Are we seeing a similar consumer shift to locally made, craft focused and sustainably driven products? How is this affecting where global brands are going?

Time to share these questions with the pioneers of new marketing.

  • Rabble Room ArcadeRabble Room Arcade
    6pm-10pm, 8 October 2013, WG Level 1 Exhibition Space (Sir Paul Reeves Building, 2 Governor Fitzroy Place)

Head on down to AUT for some good old-fashioned interactive entertainment. Featuring locally-developed video games and innovative physical play, this is the first evening of an emerging arcade where social fun is the focus. Support us on our opening night as we add something new to the Auckland playscape. We're creating an inclusive space where you can meet new people, bring friends and family along, and be as competitive or relaxed as you like! Oh and it's free!

  • Digital NationzDigital Nationz
    28 - 29 September 2013, Vector Arena, Auckland
Colab will be running two workshops at the event; Augment Yourself! with Kim Newall, and Mobile Filmmaking and Mobile Social Media with Laurent Antonczak and Max Schleser, as well as a 3D Printing Demo each day as well! Phew.

We’ve also put a stellar panel together to discuss New Tech Horizons, chaired by Ben Tuhoe Kenobi. Speakers include Gregory Bennett, Nolwenn Hugain-Lacire, Lee Simpson, Stefan Marks and Gerbrand van Melle.

Digital Nationz will be introducing the Sony PS4 and XBOX One, there will be the infamous BOT WARZ, and local heavyweight, Kim Dotcom will take on 100 people in 100 games of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

There’s also a great line-up of speakers and panel discussions featuring overseas guests from leading international game development labels, Kiwi game development labels and tech/digital industry experts.

For more information see:
  • Food & Feasting on Film
     28 August at 7pm | FREE
    WG403 lecture theatre, Level 4, WG Building on Governor Fitzroy Place, AUT City Campus.
Food & FeastingCurated by Paula Booker of The Film Archive, there are plenty of tasty morsels for all film lovers.  A few of the films in the line-up are:
  • Cobb & Co New Menu (1985). An in house staff training video featuring TV star chef Alison Holst.
  • Concours de Gourmands (circa 1905). Footage of six little boys competing in a cream pie eating contest.
  • Cookery Nook (1955). Made to promote the Edmonds Baking Powder Company, a corporate man attempts to bake afternoon tea for his boss, with disastrous results.
  • Bananas. Nothing Peels Faster (circa 1965). Shows a variety of people eating bananas. “Nothing peels faster than a banana”
The free screenings are an ongoing partnership with AUT and The Film Archive, and are open to the public. 

For more information about the screenings email Rebekah Foote,
  • Conch 
    9am – 3pm Friday 16 August

Open Day for Year 12 &13 Maori & Pasifika students interested in studying Communications at AUT.

  • MINA ScreeningMobile Filmmaking Workshop with Max Schleser  (Massey University) and Laurent Antonczak (CoLab, AUT)
    26 & 27 July | 9am - 4pm
    AUT City Campus, WE402, Art & Design Building
    $55 for Students & AUT Staff / $110 Regular
MINA and Colab presents the Mobile Filmmaking Workshop of the year.

Go beyond Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram video... tell interesting stories through effective editing, sound, and creative processes all from the safety of your mobile device and Final Cut.

In the build-up to the 2013 Mobile Innovation Symposium and Screening, MINA co-founders Max Schleser and Laurent Antonczak  are giving you the opportunity to craft your mobile phone filmmaking skills under their watch-ful eyes and ears.

This two-day intensive workshop will give you an overview of the many styles and techniques used to create films using a mobile phone. Max and Laurent will explore the ideas, scripting, shooting and editing processes to enable you to produce your own film, of a standard high enough to submit for the 2013 MINA Film Screening.

Who should attend? Anyone! As long as you are creative, enjoy using your smartphone, and like to tell stories. We recommend that you have some editing experience, at least with iMovie or Windows Media Player.

Please bring your own mobile phone, charger, and a USB stick to the workshop.

All participants will receive a free International Mobile Innovation Screening 2011 DVD. 
  • 2013 NZ Game Developer’s Conference 2013 NZ Game Developer’s Conference
    28 June 2013| 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    WG403, WG Buidling, AUT City Campus | $70 student price

The New Zealand Game Developers Conference is a one-day action-packed conference for professional and indie game developers. 

Video games continue to be a fast-growing export sector for New Zealand, with several Kiwi developers gaining global recognition.  We've had 7 top 10 iPhone games in the last 9 months, not to mention PC and other smartphone successes.  Kiwis game devs are at the top of their game, so come along and learn from some of the best.

Featuring leading New Zealand and Australian game developers from PikPok, NinjaKiwi, Gameloft, Cerebral Fix, Grinding Gear Games, TinMan Games, Halfbrick - plus a few surprise international guests.

All event details

Back in Auckland for its 9th year, Semi-Permanent will once again be bringing a large dose of ideas and inspiration to the big smoke. We'll be flying over and sourcing locally some of the worlds most talented creatives, from a range of different industries, to present their work, their lives and their progressive ideas with you.

AUT is a proud sponsor of the World’s #1 Limited-Time Filmmaking Contest.

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