Gender & Diversity Research Group

About the group

The Gender and Diversity Research Group was formed in 2007 with the aim of establishing a network of researchers within (and beyond) AUT University who share an interest in gender and diversity.  Our specific goals are to carry out research and disseminate scholarships in the following areas:
  • Significance of the body in the workplace
  • Gender equity in organisations
  • Analysis of heteronormativity in organisational cultures and practices
  • Workplace access issues
  • Effects of the intersections of identities including ethnicity, migration experiences, religion, gender and class in the workplace
  • Exploration and impact of men and masculinities in specific settings, such as sport
  • Mapping workforce inequality for youth and those classified as older workers
  • How diverse worldviews inform methodologies
  • New ways of thinking about careers

The Group won the 2011 AUT Vice Chancellor's Emerging Research Team Award. We are known for innovative quality research and for leading discussions on gender and diversity issues within the community, at a national and international level. We initiate socially relevant research and engage in high quality consultancy and research for organisations.

Core members include:

Assoc.Prof. Candice Harris, Dr. Sabina Jaeger, Emma Kelly, Assoc. Prof. Romie Littrell, Barbara Myers, Assoc. Prof. Edwina Pio, Dr Katherine Ravenswood, Dr. Irene RyanJulie Douglas, Dr Lynette Reid (Faculty of Culture and Society), Assoc. Prof. Lynne Giddings (Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences), Shelagh Mooney (School of Hospitality and Tourism), Vivienne Hogan (Faculty of Culture and Society). The coordinator is Professor Judith Pringle.

Postgraduate Research

Our members are available to supervise postgraduate students and we aim to encourage student research into related topics.

Scholarship recipient for 2014:

Lucia Davis

Scholarships are listed here.

Current Research Projects

Women’s career progression Auckland law firms: Views from the top, views for below. This research commissioned (2012-2013) by the Auckland Women Lawyers’ Association to investigate the reasons for the scarcity of women at senior levels of the large law firms. This is a three phase project including survey and interview research of those women and men who are not yet partners, women partners and managing partners/CEOs. Researchers on this project include: Judith Pringle, Lynne Giddings, Candice Harris, Sabina Jaeger, Sally Lin, Katherine Ravenswood and Irene Ryan. Click here to read the report.

Ethnicities in Universities Study (2009- 2014).This three phase research project explores the lived-in and lived-through experiences of ‘ethnic university staff’ or those who identify with NZ ethnic groupings (census 2006) of Maori, Pasifika peoples, Asians and MELAA (Middle Eastern, Latin American, African). Researchers are from across the University: Faculty of Business and Law, Equity Policy Advisor, Equity and Diversity Planning Coordinator.

Two group members have received Marsden grants:

  • Professor Judith Pringle (co-investigator) 2008-2011 - ‘Glamour and grind: New Creative Workers’. 
  • Dr. Irene Ryan (Fast-start Award) 2011-2014 - 'Something else is happening here': The invisibility of female leadership’.

For further details of research projects, click here.

The Group aims to:
  1. Disseminate research through publication and seminar/conference presentations;
  2. Disseminate research outcomes to the local community through various means including web page, AUT communications team, the media;
  3. Encourage and support new and emerging researchers involved in gender and diversity research by coaching and mentoring by more experienced researchers;
  4. Provide leadership for the sub-discipline locally and internationally through seminars, proposing and convening conference streams, and joint publications of research;
  5. Create a forum for the advanced examination of gender and diversity scholarship through focused workshops; 
  6. Initiate socially relevant research that matters;
  7. Tender for and consult for organisations to carry out contracted research within the area of gender and diversity in organisations.


For any queries, please contact Professor Judith Pringle.

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