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Working Paper Series

Department of Economics: 2011 onwards

(For working papers not listed below, please contact the Editor:

The following is a list of working papers since 2011. Most of the working papers listed here are available in Acrobat PDF format and can be downloaded.

Requests for hard copies should be addressed to the authors.

Where available, a PDF version can be downloaded by clicking on the working paper number.

11/01 Employment propensity: The roles of mental and physical health. Gail Pacheco and Don J. Webber.

11/02 Money demand stability: A case study of Nigeria. Saten Kumar, Don J. Webber and Scott Fargher.

11/03 Assessing the Possible Antipoverty Effects of Recent Rises in Age-Specific Minimum Wages in New Zealand. Tim Maloney and Gail Pacheco. 

11/04 Pre and Post natal drivers of childhood intelligence: Evidence from Singapore. Gail Pacheco, Mary Hedges, Chris Schilling and Susan Morton.

11/05 The growth effects of education in Australia. Antonio Paradiso, Saten Kumar and B. Bhaskara Rao.

12/01 Sub-national vulnerability and relative location: A case study of South Africa. Stepanie Rossouw and Don J. Webber.

12/02 A Model for Predicting Readmission Risk in New Zealand. Rhema Vaithianathan, Nan Jiang and Toni Ashton.

12/04 Does energy consumption affect growth?. Saten Kumar, Don J. Webber and Antonio Paradiso.

12/05 Does Reliable Pirated Product Lead to More Piracy?.Yuanzhu Lu and Sougata Poddar

12/06 The changing influence of culture on job satisfaction across Europe: 1981-2008. Gail Pacheco, De Wet van der Westhuizen and Don J.Webber

12/07 Well-being of Women in New Zealand: The Changing Landscape. Jessica Dye, Stephanié Rossouw and Gail Pacheco.

12/08 Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of the Chinese Stock Index Futures Market. Xinsheng Lu, Jie Tian, Ying Zhou, and Zhihui Li.

12/09 The cost of poor transitions for youth. Gail Pacheco.

13/01 The Impact of Monetary Policy Surprises on Australian Financial Futures Markets. Xinsheng Lu, Ying Zhou, and Mingting Kou.

13/02 Moving through the political participation hierarchy: A focus on personal values. Gail Pacheco and Barrett Owen.

13/03 The Upward Pricing Pressure Test for Merger Analysis: An Empirical Examination. Lydia Cheung 

13/04 Estimating the Cost of Youth Disengagement in New Zealand. Gail Pacheco and Jessica Dye.

13/05 Financial Crisis and Sticky Expectations. Saten Kumar and Barrett Owen.

13/06 Student perceptions on using blogs for reflective learning in higher educational contexts. Irshad Ali and Kevin Byard.

13/07 Monkey see, monkey do? How do shifts in parental socio-economic class influence children's outcomes? Jaimee Stuart, Mary Hedges, Gail Pacheco & Susan Morton. 

13/08 Patent licensing in spatial models. Yuanzhu Lu and Sougata Poddar. 

13/09 Innovation and copyright infringement: The Case of Commercial Piracy and End-user Piracy. Dyuti Banerjee and Sougata Poddar. 

14/01 Throwing Good Money After Bad. Matthew Ryan, Rhema Vaithianathan, and Luca Rugotti.

14/02 Financial Crisis, Taylor Rule and the Fed. Saten Kumar. 

14/03 Using Predictive Modelling to Identify Students at Risk of Poor University Outcomes. Pengfei Jia and Tim Maloney.




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