Research Seminars 2016

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9 March
3.00 pm
Roger Debreceny
University of Hawai'i
Financial Statement User Perceptions of Alternative forms of Assurance on XBRL: An Experimental Investigation
15 March
2.30 pm
Michael Werner
Process Model Representation Layers for Financial Audits
23 March
10.30 pm
Kevin Lam
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Board Diversity and its Effect on Firm Financial and Non-financial Performance
6 April
2.30 pm
Chris van Staden
NGO Collaboration and Conflict Mineral Disclosure Transparency: Evidence from Global Companies
13 April
4.00 pm
Syrus Islam
On Validating Early-stage Performance Measurement Models: An Interventionist Study
3 May
2.00 pm
Lee Parker
RMIT University
Research Career Development Presentation
4 May
2.00 pm
Lee Parker
RMIT University
Scientific Management and Accountability Through the Efficient Office: Visualising Theoretical Debates
5 May
2.00 pm
Lee Parker
RMIT University
From the Editor’s Desk Presentation
12 May
1.30 pm
Cherrie Yang
Understanding the Information Needs of Charity Key Stakeholders
17 May
1.00 pm
Michelle Rodrigue
Université Laval
Integrated Reporting: It’s like God. No one met Him, but everybody talks about Him
26 May
10.00 am Sabrina Chong & Irshad Ali
Prominence of Web-based CSR Disclosures in the World’s Most Technology-ready Country
18 July
 1.30 pm
 Mike Jones
 Bristol University
The Italian Board of Statutory Auditors : The Hegemonic Survival of a Unique Accounting Governance Institution
 20 July  5.30 pm  Mike Jones  Bristol University

Public seminar - Creative Accounting, Fraud and International  Accounting Scandals

4 August
1.00 pm
Suresh Ramachandra
The Jurisdictional Divide of 'Management Approach' of IFRS 8 and Analysts' Forecast Efficiency

15 September

 1.00 pm

Bilal Farooq 


Competition in the Sustainability Assurance Market: The Institutional Work of Different Sustainability Assurance Providers
6 October

 1.00 pm

Deryl Northcott


Public sector performance: Is "flesh and blood" important?

 13 October

 1.00 pm

 Humayun Kabir


Do note disclosures signal the quality of financial statement numbers? The case of goodwill impairment test disclosures in Australia
 23 November
 10.00 am
Wai Fong Chua
 University of Sydney Business School
Portfolio Career and Academic Leadership

 30 November

 11.00 am

 Noel Hyndman

 Queen's University Belfast

Achieving radical change: a comparative study of public-sector accounting in Westminster and Scotland
 8 December  1.00 pm Ranjana Gupta  AUT Filling the Land Tax Void: New Zealand Standpoint

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