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Enterprise and Innovation is the name of the Research Paper Series of the Business School at AUT (ISSN 1176-1997). Enterprise and Innovation serves as an interdisciplinary forum for original research undertaken within the Business School, highlighting and supporting the active research culture here. The aims of the forum are to provide a channel for the dissemination of working papers for discussion prior to subsequent development. Copies of Enterprise and Innovation can be downloaded for free as PDF files from this website. Printed hardcopy papers are also archived at the National Library and University Libraries throughout New Zealand.

The Editorial Panel and Staff

Enterprise and Innovation papers are reviewed before publication. Currently the Editorial Panel consists of:

Professor Noel Cox Law
Professor Kate Kearins Management
Professor Roger Marshall Marketing
Associate Professor Simon Mowatt Management, Editor
Professor Deryl Northcott Accounting
Professor Alireza Tourani-Rad Finance
The General Editor Associate Professor Simon Mowatt
Administrator Alison Norman

The Editorial Panel may have submissions reviewed by other parties where appropriate.

Who can submit papers to Enterprise and Innovation?
AUT staff and PhD Students within the Faculty of Business can submit papers to the series. Co-authors can be from other institutions or Faculties within AUT as long as the main author(s) is within the Faculty of Business. Work should be of quality to be considered for publication and not of a first draft status.

New and emerging researchers are encouraged to submit papers.

Notes to Contributors
Two hard copies of the paper must be submitted. These must be printed on one side of A4 paper and be accompanied by an identical copy on disk (or e-mailed as attachments by arrangement). MS-Word format preferred.

The main text should be preceded by an abstract of no more than 150 words.

Formatting Guide
The paper should be formatted in STRICT accordance with the following guidelines:

Text Body Arial 12 pt
Section Headings Arial 14 pt, align left, SmallCaps
Section Sub-Headings Arial 12 pt, align left, italic
Abstract Arial 12 pt, italic
Justification Full
Line Spacing 1.5
Page Setup Margins Top, left, bottom, right: 25mm
Page Numbers Abstract and title page unnumbered, page 1 starts for main body text, Centred at page bottom
Headers None
Notes To be numbered and collected at the end of the paper as endnotes.
Bibliography Should be set out in Harvard Style as in the example below:
Books Casson, M. (1997), Information and Organisation, Clarendon Press, Oxford
Chapters Gereffi, G. (1994) “The Organization of Buyer-Driven Global Commodity Chains: How U.S. Retailers Shape Overseas Production Networks”, In: Commodity Chains and Global Capitalism, (Eds, Gereffi, G. and Korzeniewicz, M.) Praeger, Westport, Conn, pp. 95-122
Journal Articles Cox, H., Mowatt, S. and Prevezer M. (2002), “The Firm in the Information Age: Organizational Responses to Technological Change in the Processed Foods Sector”, Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol 11, No 1, pp. 135-158
Reports Government Administration Select Committee, (2003), “Weathertightness of Buildings in New Zealand”, Report of the Government Administration’s Committee Enquiry into the Weathertightness of Buildings in New Zealand, Office of The Clerk, House of Representatives, Wellington, pp.117 (Report i5b) Available: www.clerk.parliament.govt.nz/Content/SelectCommitteeReports/i5b.pdf, Accessed: April 1 2003

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