Irene Ryan

Senior Lecturer in Management, Deputy Head of Department, Teaching, Semester 1

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext: 7852



  • PhD – University of Auckland (Management & Employment Relations)
  • Master of Philosophy (Management & Employment Relations)
  • Bachelor of Arts (History)


I joined AUT University in 2004 as a Senior Lecturer in the Division of Sport and Recreation before moving to the Faculty of Business and Law in 2009. Prior to joining AUT, I held academic positions at the University of Auckland in the Department of Management and Employment Relations. I did not enter formal academic studies until my early thirties when I trained as a secondary school teacher. I have experienced a range of job / career transitions. My research interests are reflective of my life experiences. I am interested in critical and interdisciplinary work in the contexts of organisation studies and sport.

In 2011, I was the recipient of a three-year Marsden Fast-Start Award to research the role of sport in male-dominated leadership cultures. I am an active member of the Gender and Diversity Research Group at AUT.  I teach on courses in the areas of Organisational Behaviour, Leadership and Management. I have supervised post-graduate students in a diverse range of topics: Maori leadership in sport, barriers for women pursuing managerial careers in hospitality, ethnicity and knowledge transfer in rugby, perceptions of customer service in hotels and the training and development needs of older female workers.

Research Areas:

  • Gender and gendered organisations;
  • Gender and Sport;
  • Leadership;
  • Intersectionality of Age and Gender;  
  • Diversity;
  • Careers in sport.

Current Research Projects:

  • The role of sport in male-dominated leadership cultures;
  • Men and masculinities;
  • Longevity in competitive sports career



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Book Chapters:

  1. Ryan, I.D. (2010). Masculinities in Practice: The Invisible Dynamics in Sports Leadership. In R. Simpson & P. Lewis (Eds.), Revealing and Concealing Gender: Issues of (in)Visibility in Organization Research. UK: Palgrave.
  2. Ryan,I.D. (2008). No Future - You are just too old! Moving Beyond Stereotypes. In C.Obel, T.Bruce & S.Thompson (Eds.), Outstanding Research about Women in Sport in New Zealand (pp. 1-20). Hamilton: WMIER, University of Waikato.

Research Reports:

  • Pringle, J.K., Ryan, I., Kesting, S., Jaeger, S & Lin, S. (2011a). Closing the Gender Inequality Gap. Do Emerging Industries hold an answer? Report to Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Gender and Diversity Research Group, AUT University, August.
  • Pringle, J.K., Kesting, S., Ryan. I., Jaeger, S., &  Bennett, R. (2011b). Emerging industries in New Zealand: Survey of Deloitte’s Fast 50. Report to Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Gender and Diversity Research Group, AUT University, June.
  • Pringle, J.K. Rothman, M., Ryan, I. Lin, J., Warner, A & Sisman, R. (2010) Students’ occupational choice study: Dunedin,  Auckland. Report to Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Gender and Diversity Research Group, AUT University, June. ISBN 978-0-478355-11-6.




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