Professor Alireza Tourani-Rad

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Deputy Dean and Associate Dean International

Phone: :+64 9 921 9999 - ext: 5336



  • Ph.D
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Fellow of FINSIA (Financial Services Institute of Australasia) 2005- present
  • Member of ANZSFRC (Australian-New Zealand Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee) 2006-present
  • Fellow of CPA (Charted Public Accountants, Australia) 2011-present
  • Research Affiliate of ECCE (European Centre for Corporate Engagement) 2011-present
  • Certified Finance and Investment Professional (CFIP) awarded by the Institute of Finance Professionals New Zealand, 2013-present

Teaching Areas:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment and Portfolio
  • International Finance
  • Corporate Governance

Research Areas:

  • Corporate Finance and Governance
  • Investments Analysis
  • Fund Performance
  • Financial Markets
  • International Finance

Research Summary:

Professor Tourani-Rad has published extensively, in excess of 130 publications, covering financial markets, corporate finance and governance, investment analysis, and mutual fund performance. Professor Tourani-Rad was named one of the most prolific authors in finance, ranked among the top 2% worldwide ["Prolific Authors in the Finance Literature: A Half Century of Contributions", 2005, Journal of Finance Literature].

Current Research Projects:

  • Culture and Acquisition
  • Corporate Governance and Firm Valuation
  • Integration of Financial Markets and Political Crisis
  • Global Financial Crisis
  • Insider Trading
  • Cross Listings


  1. “Contemporaneous Interactions among Fuel, Biofuel and Agricultural Commodities”,  2016, forthcoming Energy Economics, (with A. Fernandez-Perez and B. Frijns)
  2. “When no News is Good News – The Decrease in Investor Fear after the FOMC Announcement”, 2016, forthcoming, Journal of Empirical Finance, (with B. Frijns and A. Fernandez-Perez).
  3. “Contemporaneous Spillover Effects between the US and the UK Equity Markets”, 2016, forthcoming, Financial Review (with M. Finta and B. Frijns).
  4. “On the Intraday Relation between the VIX and its Futures”, Journal of Futures Market, 2016, Vol 36 (with B. Frijns and B. Webb).
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  23. “An Investigation of Investors’ Overconfidence, Familiarity and Socialization”,  Accounting and Finance, Vol. 45, No. 2, 2005 (with S. Kirkby)
  24. “Disclosure Regulations and its Impact on Insider Profitability: Evidence from New Zealand” Vol.12, No 5, 2004, Pacific Basin Finance Journal (with A, Etebari, and A Gilbert)


  • Best Paper Prize, “Insiders and the Law: The Impact of Regulatory Change on Insider Trading”, New Zealand Finance Colloquium, 2005, Wellington, awarded by New Zealand Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation.
  • Best Ph.D/DBA Paper Prize “Do Insiders Crowd Out Analysts” 2005, Sienna, Italy, awarded by Financial Management Association.
  • Best Paper Prize, “Elements of Effective Insider Trading Laws: A Comparative Analysis”, New Zealand Finance Colloquium, 2007, Auckland, awarded by New Zealand Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation.
  • Best Paper Prize, "Disclosure regulation, information risk and market spreads" New Zealand Finance Colloquium, 2008, Palmerstone North, awarded by the SIRCA.
  • Highly Commended, "Earnings management and the market performance of dividend issuing firms: NZ evidence", 2008, awarded by the Emerald Publishing Corporation.
  • Best Paper Prize, “Asymmetric Information and Price Competition in Small Business Lending”, New Zealand  Finance Colloquium, 2010, Auckland, awarded by MED/RBNZ/Treasury.
  • Runner Up Prize "Corporate Governance and Cost of Equity: Do Financial Development and Legal Origin Matter”, IIM-International Finance conference, 2010, Calcutta, India.
  • Merit Award, “Australian Implied Volatility Index”,  JASSA editorial board, 2011.
  • Second Best Prize, “Financial Development - Corporate Governance and Cost of Equity  Capital “, Financial Management Association Asia, Queenstown, 2011, awarded by the CFA Institute.
  • Best Paper Prize, “Is Corporate Governance Relevant During the Financial Crisis?”, 9th International Corporate Conference on Corporate Governance, Birmingham, 2011, awarded by Centre for Corporate Governance Research.
  • Best Paper Prize, “The Role of Financial Experience in Creating Financial Knowledge" New Zealand Finance Colloquium, Albany, 2012, awarded by New Zealand Centre for Personal Financial Education.
  • Academic Leadership, 2000-2010, Faculty of Business and Law, Auckland University of Technology, 2010.
  • Research Excellence, Faculty of Business and Law, Auckland University of Technology,  2011 and 2015
  • Best Paper Prize “The Long-Run Performance of the New Zealand Stock Markets:1899-2012”  the New Zealand Finance Colloquium, 2014, Auckland, New Zealand, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

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