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The AUT Public Lecture Series features two distinct public lectures – Inaugural Professorial Addresses and the AUT History: Winter Public Lecture Series. The professorial addresses serves as a public platform for introducing new professors to university colleagues and to the wider community interested in their field. In the one-hour lecture, professors take their audience on a journey related to their research interests, their career to date, and the future as they see it. The AUT Public Lecture Series is accessible to a wide audience and well attended by AUT staff and visitors to the campus and we welcome you to attend.

Inaugural Professorial Addresses 2015

The Queen of Science and Her Slaves
Professor Jiling CaoThursday 8 October
Professor Jiling Cao
Professor of Mathematics, Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies

Many people think that mathematics is a hard subject which has nothing to do with their lives. However, it is actually a part of almost every facet of life – from working out how much money you need to buy your lunch, and how to calculate the bank’s interest, to the fields of science and engineering. Mathematics describes our understanding of everything that we observe, including the natural world. According to Paul Dirac, “God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world”. Leonardo da Vinci also said that, “No human investigation can be called real science if it cannot be demonstrated mathematically”. Indeed, every aspect of our lives nowadays is increasingly being mathematised, and mathematics has been referred to as “the queen and servant of the sciences”.

In his inaugural professorial address, Professor Jiling Cao will explore the world of modern mathematics. Professor Cao grew up in a village in the central part of China, where he developed a passion for mathematics by solving problems for his own entertainment. He obtained a BSc in Applied Mathematics from Tianjin University and an MSc in Mathematics from the Chinese Academy of Science, then gained his PhD from the University of Auckland. He has held fellowships and visiting professorships at universities in Japan, China, Brazil and India.

Currently, he is the Head of Mathematical Sciences at AUT, a fellow of the New Zealand Mathematical Society, a member of American Mathematical Society, a reviewer for Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt MATH, and a Min Jiang Scholar Guest Professor at Minnan Normal University. Professor Cao’s current research interests are game theory, mathematical modelling in economics and finance, and topology.

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4.30pm - 5.30pm
WG404, Level 4
WG Building
City Campus
55 Wellesley Street East

Refreshments will be served after each address

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From Bean Counting to Corporate Communications
Professor Asheq RahmanTuesday 20 October
Professor Asheq Rahman
Professor of Financial Accounting, Head of Department of Accounting, Faculty of Business and Law

Double entry book-keeping, also dubbed “bean counting”, has been the mainstay of accounting for over 500 years, but in recent years, excessive devotion to it has been questioned. In his inaugural professorial address, Professor Asheq Rahman will discuss a recent criticism that it has been unable to adapt to the continuously evolving needs of business.

Andrew Fastow, the former CFO of Enron, who spent six years in jail for a range of financial reporting deceptions that led to the company’s collapse, highlighted this in a speech at the American Accounting Association earlier this year. In Fastow’s opinion, accounting regulations often lag behind developments in the corporate world, leading to the inability of accounting reports to communicate key information to stakeholders. He suggested that this inadequacy arises from deficiencies in the double entry book-keeping systems used by firms to prepare their annual reports. In this address, Professor Rahman will focus on how social media is creating new opportunities and challenges for companies to not only “report to” but also “communicate with” stakeholders.

Professor Rahman is Professor of Financial Accounting and Head of the Department of Accounting at AUT. He grew up in Bangladesh and Pakistan, and received his postgraduate education mostly in the USA and Australia, gaining his PhD from the University of Sydney. He is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and a fellow of CPA Australia. He was previously Professor of Accounting at Massey University and has also held positions at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and at the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. He is currently Editor of Pacific Accounting Review and Guest Editor of the International Journal of Accounting. His research areas include financial reporting, corporate disclosure and communication, and international accounting.

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4.30pm – 5.30pm
WA Conference Centre
Level 2, WA Building
City Campus
55 Wellesley Street East

Refreshments will be served after the address

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