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The AUT University Public Lecture Series, includes professorial addresses and serves as a public platform for introducing new professors to university colleagues and to the wider community interested in their field. In the one-hour lecture, professors take their audience on a journey related to their research interests, their career to date, and the future as they see it. The AUT Public Lecture Series is accessible to a wide audience and well attended by AUT staff and visitors to the campus and we welcome you to attend.


Professor Jane GilbertTuesday 23 September 2014

Beyond the "Knowledge Wars": Public education for a post-carbon future?

Professor Jane Gilbert
Professor of Education, Faculty of Culture and Society

In her inaugural professorial address Professor Jane Gilbert will discuss how we need to re-think our current understanding of education if we are to prepare people for the world of the future.

For most people, discussions of education focus on such questions as how to get into the “best” schools, whether or not iPads are essential educational tools, and whether or not “standards are slipping”. Education in the future will look much as it does now, only ‘smarter’ (more e-learning and higher student achievement). Professor Gilbert will argue that if we want this country to have a future this is a seriously limited view.

Mass education was set up, roughly a century and a half ago, to give everyone the knowledge and skills needed to live, work, and participate as citizens in a stable, ordered, predictable world. This world has now gone (if indeed it ever existed). Preparing people to survive and thrive in an increasingly uncertain, fast-changing, highly complex world requires new and different kinds of education.

Using work from futures studies and complexity thinking, Professor Gilbert will argue that we need to see the future, not as a problem to be solved, but as an opportunity to think, act, and engage with others differently.

Jane has worked in education for 35 years. Her academic career developed from ten years’ experience teaching science in New Zealand secondary schools, and an interest in scientific knowledge and gender. Before joining AUT University she was Chief Researcher at the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER), and before that she worked in the Schools of Education at Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Waikato.

Over the last ten years Jane has mainly worked on the question of how and why schools—and other educational institutions—need to change if they are to be ‘fit for purpose’ in the 21st century. She has published two books, led several research projects, and carried out consultancy work (for school, government, and community groups) in this area. Currently she is leading a research project investigating how teachers’ thinking changes as they work with ‘educational futures’ questions.

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4.30pm - 5.30pm
WA Building Conference Centre
City Campus
Level 2, WA Building
55 Wellesley Street East

Refreshments will be served after the address

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Tuesday 21 October 2014
Professor Edwina Pio
Professor of Diversity, Faculty of Business and Law
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