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The AUT Public Lecture Series features two distinct public lectures – Inaugural Professorial Addresses and the AUT History: Winter Public Lecture Series. The professorial addresses serves as a public platform for introducing new professors to university colleagues and to the wider community interested in their field. In the one-hour lecture, professors take their audience on a journey related to their research interests, their career to date, and the future as they see it. The AUT Public Lecture Series is accessible to a wide audience and well attended by AUT staff and visitors to the campus and we welcome you to attend.

AUT History: Winter Public Lecture Series 2015

  • The Voice of the 99%: From the Knights of Labor to the Occupy Movement
    Professor Rob Allen, Wednesday 15 July
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  • The First Facebook: Card sending in New Zealand, 1820-1920
    Dr Peter Gilderdale, Tuesday 28 July
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  • A History of Te Reo Māori in the Nineteenth Century
    Professor Paul Moon, Tuesday 11 August
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  • Physical Therapies in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand
    Associate Professor David Nicholls, Thursday 27 August
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  • From Grub St to the iPad – How the magazine industry survived constant change
    Associate Professor Simon Mowatt, Monday 7 September
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Inaugural Professorial Addresses 2015

Professor John TookeyAuckland Housing - the all new South Sea Islands bubble?
Monday 10 August
Professor John Tookey
Professor of Engineering, Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies

Over recent years the prices paid for housing in Auckland have spiralled to levels to make both first time buyers’ and economists’ eyes water. The global financial crisis (GFC) of 2008 did little more than slow house price inflation. Indeed the ultra-low interest rates introduced post-GFC worldwide to promote economic growth have, if anything, exacerbated the situation.

The reasons for this situation have been variously reported. Property speculators, Asian investors, government policy, the cost of construction materials and poor productivity in the construction industry in general have all been cited. This lecture examines the current housing crisis in Auckland, and how it relates to construction sector behaviour in the past present and future.

Professor Tookey has been working and conducting research in construction management for 18 years, specialising in research and publication related to procurement, supply chain, logistics management and housing construction costs. He has introduced several new programmes of study in both the UK and New Zealand, seeking to build the skills of future professionals in the construction industry. In the past Professor Tookey has been heavily involved in research projects in the UK, South Africa and Malaysia.

Latterly, he has worked closely with various construction companies in New Zealand, as well as industry bodies such as BRANZ, undertaking both funded research and consultancy. Professor John Tookey is currently working as part of a team of stakeholders defining the research agenda for National Science Challenge 11 – Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities.

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  • Human Rights and Human Wrongs in New Zealand
    Tuesday 25 August
    Professor Judy McGregor
    Professor of Social Sciences and Public Policy, Faculty of Culture and Society
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  • Tuesday 22 September
    Professor Rhema Vaithianathan
    Professor of Economics, Faculty of Business and Law
  • The Queen of Science and Her Slaves
    Friday 9 October
    Professor Jiling Cao
    Professor of Mathematics, Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies
  • Tuesday 20 October
    Professor Asheq Rahman
    Professor of Accounting, Faculty of Business and Law


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WA Building Conference Centre
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Level 2, WA Building
55 Wellesley Street East

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