Student visas and permits

If you are an international student you are required by law to hold a valid visa for the duration of your study at AUT. You can apply for a visa on campus and pay your fees at the same time. This page tells you what to bring to apply for your visa and what happens if you don’t have a valid visa.

The New Zealand Government requires all international students to have a valid student visa for the duration of their academic study at AUT.

All new students must show AUT a copy of their valid visa to study at AUT no later than semester start.

You need a valid student visa to complete your enrolment. It should show the correct programme and institute of study details (e.g. Bachelor of Business at AUT). It is your responsibility to ensure that your visa and permit is valid throughout the duration of your study at AUT.

There are consequences of not having a valid visa to study at AUT.

To ensure you have a valid visa to study at AUT, we will send you reminders prior to the start of the semester.

If you do not hold a valid visa, AUT will:
  • Send you a final warning on the day that semester starts
  • Suspend your services after one day of semester
  • Send you another warning notice on day 2 of semester, confirming we have suspended your access to services at AUT
  • After 14 days, we will withdraw you from your programme of study, cancel all your enrolment into papers, and arrange a refund for you
  • Immigration New Zealand will be notified

Applying for your student visa if you are not in NZ

If you are not in NZ you need to apply for your student visa through the Immigration NZ office in your country or nearest to your country. You need to have your student visa to study at AUT approved by Immigration NZ before you arrive in Auckland.
Immigration New Zealand can help with your student visa application, especially before you leave your home country. Contact them for advice on your visa eligibility, terms and conditions of gaining a visa and the visa application process.

Visit the Immigration New Zealand website

Applying for your student visa if you are in NZ: Apply at AUT

Visit the Student Hub to pay your fees and apply for your visa:
  • Level 2, WA building, 55 Wellesley Street, City Campus
  • Ground level, AG building, 90 Akoranga Drive, North Campus
  • Level 1, MA Building, 640 Great South Road, South Campus

The cost of a visa at AUT is NZ$207.  This amount reflects an increase in Immigration NZ fees and the introduction of a new levy.  It will come into effect on 7 December 2015.

*Please note: The Student Hub will make every effort to process your student visa application. However, sometimes Immigration NZ requires applicants to submit their applications in person at the nearest Immigration NZ office. In this case you will need to pay the Immigration processing fee of NZ$277.00.

If you have any questions about the Visas on Campus Service, contact the Student Hub.

Download the International Student Visa Application Form pdf icon (407kB)

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What you need to bring to apply for your student visa on campus at AUT

  • Evidence that you have paid your fees (such as a receipt, payment acknowledgement, financial guarantee or scholarship letter)
  • Proof of living expenses: you need to have at least NZ$15,000 for one year or NZ$7,500 for one semester after you have paid your tuition fees. You can show this through:
    • A bank statement in your name only with three months of statements (we don’t accept a printout of a balance only); or
    • A completed sponsorship form (INZ1025) from a sponsor who is a NZ resident or citizen and who is your friend or relative; or
    • A Financial Undertaking form (INZ1014) filled out by the same person who completed one before you arrived in New Zealand.
  • Your passport – please ensure you have at least two blank pages left and that it will not expire in the next six months
  • Evidence of your previous academic performance (including English language courses, foundation courses, high school and other tertiary study). This includes transcripts, results notices and/or copies of certificates of completion.
  • Two recent passport size photograph (write your full name on the back).
  • Evidence of where you currently live in Auckland (a physical address and not a PO Box number). You can show this through:
    • A tenancy agreement; or
    • A letter from your homestay parent; or
    • A recent bill or bank statement with your name and address on it.
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Immigration medical examination

You may be required to provide a medical and x-ray certificate when you apply for a visa to come to New Zealand for the first time. A medical and x-ray certificate is usually required every 24 / 36 months but Immigration New Zealand may request it from you at any point. If you require a medical and/or x-ray certificate we recommend that you apply before you are ready to apply for your new visa. Only some medical centres can do immigration medicals such as Symonds Street Medical or Victoria Park Medical. The AUT Health, Counselling and Wellbeing service cannot provide immigration medicals but can refer you for chest x-rays and look after your general health needs. 

Full-time working visas and permanent residency

If your long term plans involve applying for permanent residency or a full-time work visa/permit because you have a job offer, you can get forms and advice directly from Immigration New Zealand.
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