Working while you study

If you are studying in a programme that is diploma level or higher, you qualify to work part time while you are a full-time student. If you are studying in a certificate level programme, please contact ISSS for information about whether you qualify.

Authority to work part time

Many international students are eligible to work part time in NZ for up to 20 hours a week depending on their programme of study. You can enquire if you are eligible for this condition on your student visa when you apply at your nearest Immigration New Zealand branch.

You are not permitted to work full time during the academic year including mid or inter-semester breaks. You are not allowed to work 10 hours one week and 30 the next in order to average out to 20 hours per week. You are only permitted to work only 20 hours per week part time (maximum).

Authority to work during summer holidays

You may be able to work during summer holidays because it is a condition of your student visa and permit. If you have any questions, you should direct them to the Immigration NZ branch processing your student visa application (offshore). Summer holidays commence from the last date of the academic year and last until the start of the following academic term. You can check the dates in calendar year.

Authority to work full time while undertaking a Co-operative Education module

Work experience may be a requirement of your programme. For example, if you are doing the Bachelor of Business, you will need to undertake one semester of Co-operative Education where you will work full time for a business. If you are required to do Co-operative Education, you can apply for a separate condition that allows you to work full time while on your student visa and permit. This condition reads “Holder may undertake practical experience”. This condition is only valid for the time that you are enrolled into Co-operative Education and is not to be utilised at any other time while you hold a student visa and permit. You will need to discuss this condition with ISSS staff when you are applying for a visa that covers you for this particular study.

For visa information and Immigration New Zealand branch details, visit the Immigration New Zealand website.

If you’d like help with finding a job while you study, visit University Career Services.

Working in NZ

  • Do you plan to be working part time whilst you study or full time when you graduate?
  • Are your current qualifications and experiences recognised here?
  • Want to know about work opportunities in NZ and the NZ labour market?
Before arriving in NZ these are the things you will need to know. Career Services NZ is an government career website that provides vital up to date job market information. If you are planning on coming to NZ or you are already here please check out

Useful link for information on your eligibility for working while studying in New Zealand

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