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Mr M and Mrs T Olechnowicz Scholarship

Application Form
Closing date: 31/10/2018
Value of Award: $1200
No. of awards: Two per year
Tenure: Unspecified

Established in 1984 under the terms of the Will of the late Mrs Tatiana Olechnowicz

Open to students of Polish birth or who have at least one direct ancestor who was born in Poland

Selection criteria:

  • Applicants must be enrolled or intending to be enrolled for an approved course of study at a New Zealand university.

  • The Trustees shall determine both who shall be awarded the Scholarship and also the value of each award. They will consider the following criteria:
  • • the past scholastic record of the applicant;
  • • the aptitude and suitability of the applicant for their proposed course of study;
  • • the financial needs of the applicant;
  • • the interest of the applicant in, and his or her contribution to the Polish community in New Zealand
  • • such other matters as they consider relevant.

General Information:

How do students apply?
By application form available online.
Application Form

Decision makers
the Trustees

How and when do students learn of the decision?

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this award?

Additional information
Any NZ University Scholarships Officer

Who else has information about this award?
A Scholarship may be awarded only to a student who satisfies the Trustees that he or she was born in Poland or that at least one of their direct ancestors were born in Poland.
These shall be regarded as:
• within the geographical limits of the country commonly known as Poland at 28 May 1984;
• within the geographical limits at the time of their birth of the country then commonly known as Poland;
• prior to 31 December 1921 within the geographical limits as at 31 December 1921 of the country at that date commonly known as Poland;
• on the high seas or to a parent engaged in the diplomatic service in circumstances entitling them to Polish citizenship.

For guidelines, application forms and more information about this award contact:

The Scholarships Office
Victoria University of Wellington

PO Box 600
New Zealand

Phone: +64 4 463 5557


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