How to apply for AUT and external scholarships

This page has information on selecting and applying for scholarships that AUT University and external groups offer.

Selecting a scholarship

When you find a scholarship that is relevant to you, read the scholarship regulations carefully to ensure you are eligible to apply and that the closing date has not passed.

You can apply for as many scholarships as you like. If you are offered more than one scholarship, you will need to check with the individual scholarship regulations to see if you can hold different scholarships at the same time.

If you are offered two scholarships that both pay your fees, you will have to decide which scholarship to accept. If one scholarship is for fee payment and the other(s) are for personal study use, i.e. course books and living costs, you can often hold these together.

Application forms

Once you have selected a relevant scholarship or grant, you'll need to apply by completing an application form and submitting supporting documents (see below). Applications forms are available from the scholarships database or the Scholarships Office. The Scholarships Office also holds application forms for some external scholarships but these are usually available online.

Completing an application

After you have carefully read the criteria and conditions for your selected scholarship, complete the application form and gather your supporting documents. Application forms vary so make sure you have included all the information required.

Once you have filled in the application form, make sure you read and if required sign the declaration.

Certifying and submitting additional documents

You might need to submit additional documents with your application form, such as a copy of your birth certificate.

Do not include original documents with your application. Submit certified copies instead. To certify a document, bring the original document and a photocopy to AUT University and show it to Student Centre staff, faculty administration staff or staff at the Scholarships Office. The staff member will stamp and sign the copy as being a true and accurate copy. If you are applying for an AUT scholarship through the Scholarships Office and you have completed all your study at AUT the Scholarships Office will attach a copy of your AUT transcript. Transcripts from other universities must be provided by you.

Name changes

If your name is different from that which is stated on the birth certificate or passport you provide, you must also provide evidence of the legal name change, e.g. a certified copy of a marriage or civil union certificate or statutory declaration.


Some scholarship applications will ask you to submit a referee report as part of your application. If no referee template is supplied with your application form, your referee needs to supply a formal written reference in the form of a letter. Your referee(s) may need to supply an academic reference that testifies to your qualifications and abilities as a student or a reference that mentions your personal attributes.

Send a copy of the scholarship regulations to your referee so that they know what kind of scholarship you are applying for. Please note that referee reports are confidential and should be sent directly to the Scholarships Office with your name, student ID number and name of the scholarship clearly marked.

Personal statements

External scholarships often ask for a personal statement detailing your proposed course of study and/or an outline of your proposed future career plans plus any other information you may wish to provide in support of your application. Since many people may apply for the same scholarship, your statement needs to stand out.

Read the criteria for selection carefully to understand what the reviewers are looking for. We recommend that your statement includes as much information about your studies as possible. You should also discuss what makes you passionate about your course, any research you have been involved in, any involvement you have in the community, i.e. church, voluntary work, organisations you are involved with outside of your studies, and any additional involvement you have at AUT assisting others.

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Submitting your application

Please ensure your application form and all supporting documents are submitted to the Scholarships Office by the scholarship closing date. Incomplete applications are not accepted and will not be forwarded to the selection panel for consideration.

We prefer that you post or courier your application and supporting documents.

For address details see contact information.

How scholarships are awarded

Your scholarship application will be submitted to a panel who will consider the applications submitted. The Scholarships Office will be notified of the final decisions and all applicants will be notified of the outcome. This process may take up to 6 weeks after the closing date of the scholarship.

Paying your fees

Please ensure you log in and check your email account for regular updates and information on how your scholarship application is progressing. Once your scholarship is approved, you should forward your fees statement/tax invoice to the Scholarships Office immediately so that your fees can be paid.

Note: not all scholarships cover full fees. You may have AuSM fees or material fees relating to your course that are payable by you. Have a look at your scholarships terms of reference to find out what fees your scholarship covers. Any fees not covered by your scholarship can be paid at the Student Centre cashier desk on campus or online through Arion.

Deferring your AUT scholarship

If you plan to defer your programme of study or have to defer because of illness, leadership opportunities or exceptional circumstances, you will need to apply to defer your scholarship.

The procedure for scholarship deferment is as follows:

  • Approval of deferment of your scholarship is not approval to defer your academic studies. If you wish to defer your studies, you must seek approval from the faculty. You may elect to request permission to defer your scholarship as a consequence of deferring your studies. You must complete an application for deferment. The application will request that you include your reasons. Applications to defer are held with Student Advisors and the Scholarships Office.

  • Attach supporting documentation (i.e. medical certificate, letter of support from organisation, confirmation of what you are going to be doing in your semester or year of deferment and confirmation from your faculty that your leave of absence has been approved).

  • Your application for deferment and supporting documents will be forwarded for approval to the Scholarship Committee that meets twice a semester.

  • You can only defer a scholarship once and for a maximum of one year. Note: Deferment Committee meetings are held at several times of the year, but it is important to send your request to the Scholarships Office as soon as possible.

Urgent financial assistance

If you cannot find a suitable scholarship but require urgent financial assistance, please contact Student Financial Services

Voluntary work

We encourage scholarship students to participate in voluntary work at AUT. Additionally, you might want to do a Keys to Leadership paper as it offers valuable leadership skills and will look good on your CV.

Essential tips for applying for scholarships (pdf)

Applying for scholarships can be a time-consuming process and scholarship applicants often face stiff competition. By using the tips in this document you will increase your chances of success.

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