2017 fees for postgraduate students at AUT: tuition and other charges

You need to pay postgraduate tuition fees if you are studying any of the following qualifications at AUT. There may be other fees and charges that you will need to pay.
  • Postgraduate certificate
  • Postgraduate diploma
  • Bachelor's degree with honours
  • Master's degree
  • Doctoral degree

2017 tuition fees for domestic students

These domestic fees apply to postgraduate programmes (level 8 and above) at AUT in 2017. All fee amounts are for full-time study, in NZ dollars and include goods and services tax (GST).

Postgraduate tuition fees (except for the programmes below) - $8211.00 (GST incl) for 120 points

Fee- Exceptions (programmes with fees different from above)

As an indicative guide the 2017 tuition fee exceptions for domestic students in the following

Semester based programmes are as follows

Business Research Postgraduate Qualifications
Approximately $ (GST inc)
Master of Business ( 3 semester qualification)
$8,211.00 (for the first 120 points of a 180 point qualification)
Master of Philosophy
$6,503.00 (120 points)
Doctor of Philosophy
$6,503.00 ( for the first 120 points of a 360 point qualification )

1 Semester = 15 weeks 60 points of study
2 Semesters = 1 year 120 points study

As an indicative guide the 2017 tuition fees for domestic students in the following Trimester based programmes are as follows
12 weeks = 1 Trimester- 60 points of study
3 Trimesters = 1 year - 180 points of study 

Business Professional  Postgraduate Programmes
Approximately $ (GST inc)
Postgraduate Certificate in Business Studies
$8,807.50 (60 points)
Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Accounting
$10,322.50 (60 points)
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Finance
$17,615.00 (120 points)
Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business
$17,615.00 (120 points)
Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
$17,615.00 (120 points)
Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
$20,645.00 (120 points)
Master of Applied Finance
$26,422.50 (180 points)
Master of Global Business
$26,422.50 (180 points)
Master of Marketing
$26,422.50 (180 points)
Master of Professional Accounting ( 4 Trimester qualification)
$30,967.50 ( for the first 180 points of a 240 point qualification)

As an indicative guide the 2017 tuition fees for domestic students in the following Term based programme is as follows

7 weeks = 1 Term -20 Points
6 Terms = 1 year -120 points

MBA, PgDipBA and PgCertBA

Master of Business Administration (MBA- 8 Term qualification)
$26,135.00 for the first 120 points of a 180 points qualification
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
$26,135.00 (120 points)
Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration
$13,067.50 (60 points)

Fees quoted above are for those points undertaken in the 2017 academic year. Points undertaken in a future academic year will be charged at that year's fee. AUT sets fees for each academic year.

Other fees

2017 Compulsory Student Services Fee - $614.80 for 120 points or $5.12 per academic point (GST incl)

2017 Building Levy - $68.20 for 120 points or $0.57 per academic point (GST incl)

Distance learning and exchange students are exempt from these fees because they don't use the campus services and facilities. Distance learning means that the teaching department have confirmed that no portion of the paper is taught on campus.

Please note:
Some individual papers may charge additional fees for materials, equipment or field trips where applicable. If there is a charge it will be shown on your invoice. Please check with your faculty/department if there are additional fees for your programme of study.

Find additional fees by faculty and paper number here.

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