International students

Your step-by-step guide to the application process for international students at AUT. Learn more about how and when to apply, and how you can help us process your application.
Study Abroad and Exchange students - see how to apply here

1. Apply early

Application deadlines:

  • Some programmes have specific closing dates - please check the programme page for details
  • Apply at any time for research-only programmes (Master of Philosophy, Master of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy)
  • Professional doctorates: the coursework component normally starts in the first semester. Applicants should have their admission confirmed by 30 November of the previous year
  • For the following programmes that start on 31 Oct 2016 the application deadline is 30 September 2016:
    Master of Professional Accounting and Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate in Professional Accounting
    Master of Applied Finance and Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Finance
    Master of Global Business and Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business
    Master of Marketing and Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

Semester 2, 2016:

  • 13 May 2016

Semester 1, 2017:
  • Applicants who need a visa for NZ: 9 December 2016
  • Applicants from visa free countries: 13 January 2017
Visit the Immigration NZ website to see if you need a visa for New Zealand

Late applications - what happens if your application arrives after the dates above

  • Non-visa free countries: your application will automatically be processed for the following intake. You will be advised accordingly.
  • Visa free countries: your application will be processed if places are available in the programme. If there are no available places, your application will automatically be processed for the following intake, and you will be advised accordingly.
    Please Note: It is your responsibility to have the correct AUT visa to complete your enrolment. Access to services will not be permitted if enrolment is not complete.

International applicants living in New Zealand

If you are living in New Zealand and hold a current student visa, your application will be processed up to the start of the semester if places are available in the programme.
Please Note: It is your responsibility to have the correct AUT visa to complete your enrolment. Access to services will not be permitted if enrolment is not complete.

2. Complete the application form

We are accepting online applications from applicants from the following countries/regions

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Scandinavia
  • Europe

Apply online

For applicants from countries/regions not listed above:
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3. Submit your application

4. We acknowledge your application

  • We will send you an acknowledgement email/letter when we have received your application
  • We will contact you if you have not supplied all the required information or we need more information from you

5. We assess your application

  • We assess your application to ensure you have met the entry criteria for the programme(s) you are applying for
  • We consider your academic history and relevant experience to make sure you can succeed in your programme
  • Processing times (guide only – actual times vary according to programme): 1 week for undergraduate applications, 4 weeks for postgraduate applications
  • Incomplete applications will take longer to process
  • Credit transfer/Recognition of Prior Learning applications will also take longer

6. You find out if your application has been accepted

  • If your application is successful you will receive an Offer of Place letter, which includes information about tuition and other compulsory fees, insurance, when and how to pay your fees, student visas and a copy of AUT University’s refund policy
  • If you applied through an AUT registered agent all correspondence will be sent to them
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7. You decide about your offer

  • If you accept your Offer of Place: sign and date the Acceptance of Offer form and return it by the due date
  • Receiving an Offer of Place does not guarantee your place – to guarantee your place you must pay all fees in full by the due date
  • Please pay your fees in full (not in instalments)
  • Please don’t delay paying your fees as all places are subject to availability
  • There are different ways to pay your fees
  • If all places in the programme are taken when you decide to pay the fees and accept the Offer of Place, we will offer you a place in the next available intake
  • If you are unable to start at AUT for the semester stated on your Offer, you must apply to International Admissions for a deferral

8. We send you a receipt

  • We will send you an official receipt once we have received your payment
  • You need to present this receipt to the nearest Immigration NZ office along with a copy of your Offer of Place to obtain a student permit/visa

9. Apply for your visa to study at AUT

Need more information?

Phone +64 9 921 9099 

Refer to the glossary if there are any terms in the application form you don’t know

Entry requirements

English language requirements

Entry requirements for international students at NZ secondary schools:

Entry requirements for international students with overseas qualifications:

Foundation programmes - if you don't have the academic qualifications for direct entry into AUT programmes

Read more about Foundation programmes

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