Previous academic education

Once you have entered your personal details, selected your programme of study and provided your contact addresses, you need to supply information regarding your previous academic education. This information is required from ALL applicants by the Ministry of Education and supplying it at this point will speed up the application process.

  1. Select the correct answer this question: ‘Did you attend secondary school within the last 10 years?’ This question determines the documentation to be provided, i.e. a school report.
  2. Choose an option to answer this question: ‘What is the highest academic qualification you hold from a secondary school?’
  3. Select the secondary school you attended while in New Zealand and the beginning and end years you attended this school.
  4. Click on the ‘Add School to List’ button. The school should appear on the page. Note: you may list up to six secondary schools you attended while in New Zealand or overseas - use the ATTENDED OVERSEAS SECONDARY SCHOOL option to indicate attendance at an offshore secondary school.
  5. Click the ‘Next’ button.
  6. Select the correct answer to this question: ‘What was the first year you ever enrolled in a tertiary institution?’ If this is the first time, select this year.
  7. Select the correct answer to this question: ‘What is the highest tertiary qualification you hold?’ If you have never studied at a tertiary level, select ‘No Tertiary Qualification’ from the dropdown box.


    If you have studied at tertiary level, AUT requires you to declare where you gained or attempted a qualification.

    Select the tertiary qualification you hold from the dropdown box.

    Select the years you studied from and to from the dropdown boxes.

    Enter the name of the institution and the qualification you gained or attempted.

    Use the tick boxes to indicate whether you successfully completed the qualification or are awaiting results.

    After details of each tertiary qualification are complete, click the ‘Add to Tertiary Education List’. Your details should appear on the page. Continue adding institutions until you have included details of all your tertiary level study. When you have finished, click the ‘Next’ button.

  8. If you have completed any work or relevant experience that may support your enrolment, enter details in the textboxes. Providing details of your employment and work experiences can assist us to evaluate your application quickly. You will need to include the name of your employer, dates you worked there and the position or nature of the work. Note: some programmes will require evidence of your work experience.

    After you have added details of each of your work experiences, click the ‘Add Employment to List’ button. Your employment information should appear on the page. When you have finished adding work experience evidence, click the ‘Next’ arrow.

Next, you’ll need to provide statistical student information

Last updated: 14-Feb-2014 5.11pm

The information on this page was correct at time of publication. For a comprehensive overview of AUT qualifications, please refer to the Academic Calendar.