Study abroad and gain international work experience at the same time

AUT’s full-time, semester long study-internship programme gives international students the opportunity to undertake a part-time supervised work placement in your chosen field, along with 2 mainstream AUT papers. This earns you a full semester’s credit to your home degree.

You have the benefit of a semester abroad, soaking up the unique NZ culture, while gaining valuable work experience in a NZ setting. AUT University is ideally situated in the heart of New Zealand’s largest commercial centre so the opportunities are boundless.

Study-Internship provides opportunities for students to:

  • Complete work of value to an organisation.
  • Understand and fulfill workplace expectations.
  • Become an effective member of an organisation.
  • Grow in maturity, self-awareness and confidence.
  • Begin to develop professional judgement.
  • Increase and develop interests, aptitudes and abilities in a business, government or community organisation environment.

Find out more:

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What students say about study-internship at AUT University

A Female StudentBethany Blount, a Communications  major at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA, was placed in the marketing department of a large  institution.

“I really enjoyed being exposed to various skills and having the chance to learn some of these skills myself.  I helped in numerous ways on two market research projects and did behind the scenes work on three events simultaneously. I was exposed to social media and other forms of digitally written communications to communicate with target groups.  
The academic component was helpful in that it forced me to set goals and strive to achieve them.   Requiring the use of theory also forced me to research and acquire academic knowledge relating to my work experience.”


A Male StudentStefan Reichel, majoring in social economics at the University of Hamburg, Germany, was placed in the head office of a large bank, working with the procurement team.

"I worked on the contracts and supplier database, financial reporting and project work. I found a lot of differences in banking between Germany and New Zealand, and maybe I can use this knowledge in my further career.  I enjoyed the working atmosphere, which is more relaxed. The connection between people seems to be not only a working but also a personal one, which leads to better communication between the teams.
It was very interesting to work in another culture and English speaking business environment. I gained a lot of self-confidence through this."

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