Discourse Research Group

The AUT Discourse Research Group, created by the Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication (ICDC), provided a forum where academics met to discuss and share information about discourse analysis.

The Auckland Group for Critical Discourse Analysis

ICDC's Discourse Research Group (DRG) was established in 2005. For sic years the group brought together academics from AUT and other Universities to discuss and share information about Discourse Analysis.

DRG also had links with the Faculty of Arts at the University of Auckland to create the Auckland Group for Critical Discourse Analysis (AGCDA).

AGCDA provided a dynamic forum where academics and non-academics alike discussed the meanings, practice, complexities and significance of engaging with critical discourse.

Its committee members included:

  • Professor Allan Bell (ICDC, AUT University)
  • Dr. Edward McDonald (School of Asian Studies
  • University of Auckland)
  • Dr. Mark Amsler (Department of English, University of Auckland)
  • Philippa Smith (ICDC, AUT University)
  • Co-ordinator Alwin C. Aguirre (ICDC, AUT University).

The inaugural meeting held on 24 March 2011 at the University of Auckland featured three presentations that focused on different aspects, meanings and practices of critical discourse analysis:

  • What's not to like about discourse? — Mark Amsler (Department of English, Auckland University)
  • Critical what? — discovering CDA — Alwin C. Aguirre (PhD Student, ICDC, AUT)
  • The perils and pleasures of CDA: a case study of the sinophone — Edward McDonald (School of Asian Studies, Auckland University)

For those interested in discourse analysis the following compilation of quotes and references provides a useful starting point: What is Discourse Analysis? pdf icon (49KB) .

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