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Andy Gibson

andy_1.smallAfter completing a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Linguistics at the University of Canterbury, Andy joined ICDC in December 2005 as a researcher participating in the multi-disciplinary analysis of the animated comedy series bro' Town. This project lead to further research on the varieties of English spoken by Pasifika people in New Zealand and on performance language more generally.

Andy completed his MPhil thesis on the sociolinguistics of singing in New Zealand in July 2010. The thesis and its associated soundfiles can be accessed in the Scholarly Commons at

In 2011, Andy has co-edited a theme issue of the Journal of Sociolinguistics on the sociolinguistics of performance. The issue will include Andy's recent work analysing the way Flight of the Conchords stylise the voices of various popular musicians.

After a year spent in Montreal, Andy returned to ICDC in August 2011 to take on the role of Project Coordinator for the World Internet Project.

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Research interests:

Pronunciation in popular music, perception of vowels in popular music, language in performance, Maori and Pasifika varieties of New Zealand English.

Selected Publications:
Bell, A., Billot, J., Crothers, C., Gibson, A., Goodwin, I., Sherman, K., Smith, N., & Smith, P. (2010). The Internet in New Zealand: 2007-2009. Auckland: Institute of Culture, Discourse & Communication, AUT University.

Bell, A., & Gibson, A. (2008). Stopping and Fronting in New Zealand Pasifika English. University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics: A Selection of Papers from NWAV 36, 14(2), 42-53.

Bell, A., & Gibson, A. (2011). Staging language: An introduction to the sociolinguistics of performance. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 15(5).

Gibson, A. (2005). Non-Prevocalic /r/ in New Zealand Hip-Hop. New Zealand English Journal, 19, 5-12.

Gibson, A. (2008). Perception of sung and spoken vowels in New Zealand English. In Warren, P. (ed.) Laboratory Phonology 11: Book of Abstracts, pp. 49-50.

Gibson, A. (2010a). New Zealand identity in popular music: Vowel differences between singing and speaking. In H. Johnson (Ed.), Many Voices: Music and National Identity in Aotearoa/New Zealand (pp. 111-121). Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Gibson, A. (2010b). Production and Perception of Vowels in New Zealand Popular Music. Unpublished MPhil, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland.

Gibson, A. (2011). Flight of the Conchords: Recontextualizing the Voices of Popular Culture. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 15(5).

Gibson, A., & Bell, A. (2010). Performing Pasifika English in New Zealand: The case of bro’Town. English World-Wide, 31, 231-251.

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