Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication

Situated in the Faculty of Culture and Society, the Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication (ICDC) is grounded in collaborative, trans-disciplinary research projects.

The Institute engages with contemporary cultural issues, while analysing the social, economic and political discourses and communicative practices that shape meaning around these.

Recent research projects

In recent years, work at the Institute has focused on the key concerns of culture, discourse and communication. Scholars from various disciplines have come together on projects spanning language use, media such as the internet and television, and national identity.

Specific projects Include:

ICDC is home to the Journal of Sociolinguistics and fosters an active intellectual community with the Internet Research Group and the Discourse Research Group. The Institute also hosts visiting international academics and the New Zealand Discourse Conference.

These initiatives have included an unpacking of the discursive constructions of culture and identity in New Zealand and globally, to highlight the dialectic between micro-level, interpersonal interactions and broader, global dynamics.


Supporting project sponsors:

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