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Professor - Strength & Conditioning

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Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand
John's professorial profile at AUT University


PhD (Auckland), BEd, MA, DipHighPerformaCoaching, DipPE, Dip Tchg

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Adjunct Professorial Position at Edith Cowan University
  • Diploma High Performance Coaching (Canada)
  • Level IV Accreditation – Rugby (Canada)
  • Examiner for: Thesis students
  • External reviewer for: Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport; Journal of Sports Science; Physical Therapy in Sport; Journal of Applied Biomechanics; Clinical Biomechanics, International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance; European Journal of Applied Physiology; and New Zealand Coach.

Teaching Areas:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Muscle mechanics and physiology
  • Sports biomechanics

Research areas:

Strength and Conditioning, and Biomechanics specialty areas:
  • Kinematics and kinetics of resistance training
  • Movement competency screening
  • Development of strength, power, speed, balance and agility
  • Eccentric exercise
  • Long term athlete development
  • Cricket research

Research Summary:

John has research interests in human movement/ sport performance research particularly around the strengthening of muscle, these themes spanning high performance sport to long-term athlete development. John has published over 190 peer-reviewed papers as well as three book chapters; 50 invited or keynote presentations at national and international conferences/symposia and 89 national or international conference presentations. John is currently supervising 19 postgraduate students (14 PhD, 5 Masters). John has consulted to many sports and is currently involved with NZ Cricket and the Malaysian Institute of Sport.

Current Research Projects:

  • The development of a structural balance assessment for cricket fast bowlers (with PhD student Anthony Sharp, Britain).
  • Isometric assessment and its relationship to dynamic performance in elite athletes (with PhD student Albert Chang, Canada).
  • Methods of monitoring and improving BMX performance (with PhD student John Cowell, USA).
  • Transference of horizontal and vertical hip strengthening exercise to speed, acceleration, and power adaptations in sports performance (with PhD student Bret Contreras, USA).
  • Optimising fielding and wicket keeping ability: a movement analysis and conditioning perspective (with PhD student Dani McDonald, UK).
  • Strongman implements: applications for strength and conditioning practice (with PhD student Paul Winwood, NZ).
  • The characterization and development of performance in rugby sevens (with PhD student Alex Ross, USA)
  • Towards a performance culture: Managing cultural change in the high performance programme of a National Sports Organisation (with PhD student John Alder, UK)
  • Resistance training, falls prevention and metabolic health in older adults (with PhD student Ashley Gluchowski, Canada)
  • Modifying mechanical stiffness to optimise power performance (with PhD student Kim Simperingham, NZ)
  • Physical conditioning program for fast bowlers: the research and experts opinion (with MPhil Bryan Stronach, NZ)
  • The role of rotational mobility and power in predicting throwing velocity (with MSE student Kaushik Talukdar, India)
  • Profiling female sevens players (with MPhil  student Andrew Hull, NZ)
  • The biomechanical and neuromuscular influence of weighted vest resistance on the performance of the power clean in competitive athletes (with MSE student Caleb Marriner)

Post Graduate Completions
  • Travis McMaster PhD (2013): Methods of Assessing, Monitoring and Improving Strength and Ballistic Performance in Highly Trained Rugby Union Players.
  • Cesar Meylan, PhD (2013): Long term athlete development – windows of trainability for strength and power development.
  • Eric Helms MPhil (2013):  The effects of two protein intakes on lean body mass and performance in lean weight lifters during a hypoenergetic diet
  • Sofyan Sahrom, MSE (2013):  Understanding the stretch-shorten cycle across maturation.
  • Guy Mothersole MSE (2013): Ground reaction force profiles of specific jump-landing tasks in females: Development of a systematic and progressive jump-landing model.
  • Matthew Kritz PhD (2012): Development of “movement competency” based assessment battery and application to developmental athletes.
  • Michael Rumpf, PhD (2012): Long term athlete development – windows of trainability for speed development speed.
  • Trent Lawton, PhD (2012):Development of valid and reliable strength and power measures for rowing.
  • Aaron Randell, PhD (2011): The effect of feedback and horizontal force training on functional performance.
  • Jennifer Hewit, PhD (2011): Developing agility in netball players.
  • Keir Hansen, PhD (2011): High- versus low-load training for lower body muscular power: effect of load and rest periods on mechanical and hormonal profiles and rating of perceived exertion in elite athletes.
  • Adam Godfrey, MSE (2011): The acute effects of rubber based resistance on repetition and total set kinetics and kinematics during the bench press exercise.
  • Nick Webb, MSE (2011): The relative efficacy of recovery modalities following professional rugby league competition matches.
  • Teresa Ogen, MHSc (2010): Time motion analysis of touch rugby.
  • Nur Ikhwan Mohammed, PhD (2010): Kinematic and kinetic analysis of hypertrophic loading parameters and their influence on muscular adaptation.
  • Simon Pearson, PhD (2010): Biomechanics and conditioning for the enhancement of grinding performance in America's Cup sailing.
  • Cesar Meylan, MSc (2009): Kinematic and kinetic characteristics of unilateral jump assessments: reliability, asymmetry and relationship to jump performance.
  • Travis McMaster, MSc (2009): Effect of resistance mode on squat and jump kinematics and kinetics.
  • Matt Brughelli, PhD (2009): Shift in optimum length of length-tension relationship and influence on injury and functional performance.
  • Nigel Harris, PhD (2008): Kinetics and kinematics of strength and power development.
  • David Frost, MSc (2008): A biomechanical comparison of pneumatic and free weight resistance.
  • Cailyn Rogers, BSC (Hons) (2007): Assessment of static balance ability in an athletic population.
  • Kevin Sheehy, MHSc (2006): The acute effects of weight training on softball throwing velocity.
  • Ian Wilcock, MHSc (2005): The effect of water immersion, active recovery and passive recovery on repeated bouts of explosive exercise and blood plasma fraction.
  • Lisa Weaver, MHSc (2005): Balance in netballers.
  • Michelle Nash, MHSc (2005): The effect of vibration and static stretches on dynamic knee range of motion and lower limb function.
  • Shantelle Bliss, MHSc (2005): Bicycle seat designs and their effect on seat and handlebar pressure in male and female cyclists and comfort and stability in experienced, novice, male and female cyclists on a non-stationary bicycle.
  • Jamie Denton, MHSc (2004): The kinematic, kinetic and blood lactate profiles of continuous and intra-set rest loading schemes.
  • Blair Crewther, MHSc (2004): The mechanical, hormonal and metabolic responses to two resistance-loading schemes.
  • Greg Owen, MHSc (2004): The influence of whole body vibration on knee extensor stiffness and functional performance.
  • Johnny Claxton, MHSc (2003): The pre-event preparation routine: the role of stretching.
  • Keir Hansen, MHSc (2002):  A kinematic analysis of acute and longitudinal adaptations to resisted sprinting.


Peer Reviewed Articles (2013 only):

  • Contreras, B. M., Cronin, J. B., Schoenfeld, B. J., Nates, R. J., & Tiryaki Sonmez, G. (2013). Are all hip extension exercises created equal? Strength and Conditioning Journal, 35(2), 17-22.
  • Hewit, J. K., Cronin, J. B., & Hume, P. A. (2013). Kinematic factors affecting fast and slow straight and change-of-direction acceleration times. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 27(1), 69-75.
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  • Lawton, T. W., Cronin, J. B., & McGuigan, M. R. (2013). Factors that affect selection of elite women's Sculling crews. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 8(1), 38-43.
  • Lawton, T. W., Cronin, J. B., & McGuigan, M. R. (2013). Strength, power, and muscular endurance exercise and elite rowing ergometer performance. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 27(7), 1928-35.
  • Lloyd, R. S., & Cronin, J. B. (2013). Plyometric development in youths, Strength and Conditioning for Young Athletes, 94-106.
  • MacDonald D, Cronin J, Mills J, Stretch R. Wicket-keeping in cricket: a literature review. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching. 2013 09/01/;8(3):531-42.
  • McMaster, D.T., Gill, N., Cronin, J., & McGuigan, M. (2013). The development, retention and decay rates of strength and power in elite rugby union, rugby league and American football: a systematic review.  Sports Medicine, 43(5), 367-84.
  • Mendiguchia, J., Garrues, M. A., Cronin, J. B., Contreras, B., Los Arcos, A., Malliaropoulos, N., et al. (2013). Nonuniform changes in MRI measurements of the thigh muscles after two hamstring strengthening exercises. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 27(3), 574-81.
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  • Sahrom, S. B., Cronin, J. B., & Harris, N. K. (2013). Understanding stretch shortening cycle ability in youth. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 35(3), 77-88.
  • Webb, N. P., Harris, N. K., Cronin, J. B., & Walker, C. (2013). The relative efficacy of three recovery modalities after professional rugby league matches. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 27(9), 2449-55.

Conference Proceedings (A recent selection only):

  • Gill, N., McMaster, D., Smart, D., Cronin, J., & McGuigan, M. (2013, 11 July). Monitoring neuromuscular fatigue and recovery in semi-professional rugby union players. Paper presented at the NSCA 36th Annual National Conference, Las Vegas, U.S.A.
  • Meylan, C., Cronin, J., Oliver, J., Contreras, B. (2013, 10-13 July). The effect of maturation on strength and detraining adaptations in 11 to 15 year olds. Poster presented at the NSCA 36th Annual National Conference, Las Vegas, U.S.A.

Invited Speaker Presentations (A recent selection only):

  • Cronin, J. (2013, 11 July). Optimizing change of direction performance. Presented at the NSCA 36th Annual National Conference, Las Vegas, U.S.A.
  • Cronin, J., & Contreras, B. (2013, 10 July). Optimizing resistance training practices for acceleration and development. Presented at the NSCA 36th Annual National Conference, Las Vegas, U.S.A.
  • Cronin, J. (2013, 2 May). Optimizing resistance training practices for change of direction (COD) performance. Presented at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Sports Research Symposium, Windermere Campus, Tauranga, New Zealand.




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