Michael Neufeld

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Undergraduate Curriculum Leader

Phone: +64 9 9219999 ext. 7402

Email: mneufeld@aut.ac.nz

Physical Address:
Room AA251
North Shore Campus
90 Akoranga Drive
North Shore City


Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)

Marine Medic (3) Certificate

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science in Advanced Nursing Practice

Teaching Areas:

Assessment skills and clinical reasoning

Paediatric and adult nursing Auckland Hospital

Simulated learning AUT simulation and demonstration suites

Research Areas:

Research - Narrative inquiry exploring the ethical implications of Paediatric Ketamine sedation – “Health professionals Stories of Paediatric Ketamine sedation“

Areas of practice -

Paediatric Emergency care. Advanced assessment and diagnostic reasoning, Paediatric CPR training and Paediatric Homecare and working with children living with chronic illness.

Research Summary:

From its inception, ketamine sedation has been identified with emergence phenomena that can be traumatic for patients, family members and staff. The adult experience of emergence phenomena and non-physiological risk during ketamine sedation has been extensively studied and has subsequently lead to a reduction of it’s use within the adult population. Despite the significant non-physiological risks identified in adult practice, concerns regarding paediatric emergence phenomena have not been given prominence. On the contrary, there has been an increasing use of paediatric ketamine sedation and calls for still further increases.  Uncertainty exists in regards to children’s non-physiological experiences of ketamine, and the impact that these may have on children, families and health professionals. This study will explore the stories health care professionals tell of their experiences of paediatric ketamine sedation and their perceptions of benefit and harm; making visible the contextual landscape from which they determine potential risk and harm and deliver care.

Current Research Projects:

“Health professional’s stories of Paediatric Ketamine sedation” –Supervisors – Dr. Tineke Water and DR. Rosemary Godbold


HRC New Zealand - The ethical implications of the use of dissociative analgesia (ketamine) in paediatrics




HRC Ethics Summer Studentship Award   (Nov 2011)


Diane Foreman Award for Excellence in Nursing – Scholarship awarded by AUT in recognition of academic success (2006)

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