Dr Petra Theunissen

Curriculum Leader, Public Relations

Phone: +64 9 921 9999 ext 7854

Email: petra.theunissen@aut.ac.nz


  • D.Phil (Communication Management)
  • MA (Communication) (cum laude)
  • BA (Hons)(Communication)
  • BA (Communication)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • International Communication Association (ICA)
  • National Communication Association (NCA)
  • Member of Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (MPRiNZ)



Born in the Netherlands, Dr Petra Theunissen has lived in Germany and South Africa before settling in New Zealand. She holds a D.Phil in Communication Management from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and an M.A. (Communication) with distinction from the Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr Theunissen is a published fiction and non-fiction author, and has written and co-edited books, chapters, articles and papers on Public Relations and Communication. In 2015, she won the PRIDE Best Article of the Year Award from the Public Relations Division of the National Communication Association for the co-authored article “Reputations at risk: Engagement during social media crises”. Prior to joining AUT, Petra worked in public relations, management, consulting and education. She is currently the Curriculum Leader for Public Relations at AUT and is a Member of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand.

Although her interests span across a wide range of disciplines, such as Public Relations, Knowledge Management, Reputation Management, Intercultural Communication and Social Media, she has a particular interest in technologies and their current and future impact on society as well as dialogue, persuasion and identity.

Her teaching and supervisor philosophy is one of life-long learning and co-constructing knowledge through discussion, guidance and structure. She believes in working with individuals to develop their own unique 'voice', whether academically or professionally.

Teaching Areas:

  • Public Relations (undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • People and Organisations
  • Supervision of dissertations and theses (Masters & Ph.D)

Research Areas:

  • Internet PR/social media
  • Reputation Management
  • Public Relations
  • Communication Philosophy

Current Research Projects:

She is currently researching relationships in Public Relations: their nature, the role of dialogue and persuasion, and interpersonal communication theory might translate to organisation-public relationships. The research will culminate in a co-authored book for Routledge on Relationships and public relations, to be published in 2017.


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  • NCA 2015 PRIDE Article Award for Innovation, Development, and Educational Achievement in Public Relations for 'Reputations at risk: Engagement during social media crises' published in Public Relations Review, 41(1)
  • School of Communication Studies Contestable Project Grant for relationship mobile app (2014)
  • George Hines Prize (2014) for a Special Edition of the public relations journal, PRism, on relationship management and dialogue. [Awarded in 2013].
  • Dean’s Service Award for Contribution to the Faculty of Design & Creative Technologies (2012) for service to the Faculty.
  • Faculty of Design & Creative Technologies’ Research Project Grant for dialogue research project (2011)
  • School of Communication Studies Contestable Project grant for dialogue research project (2010)
  • RELT (Learning and Teaching) grant for Developing Podcasts for Public Relations project (2008)
  • Book prize for Alien Genes’ first page in First Page of a Novel Competition held by the New Zealand Writers’ Website (2003).

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