Professor Tim Bentley (Deputy Head of Department, Research)

Prof Tim Bentley

Director of the NZ Work Research Institute

Phone: +64(0)9 921 9999 x 5446



BSc (Hons)


Tim joined AUT University in June 2012, moving from Massey University where he was Director of the Healthy Work Group, Chair of the College of Business Research Strategy Group and PBRF Champion.  In 2011 he received the Massey University Research Award - Business.  Prior to Massey, Tim was Director of the Centre for Human Factors and Ergonomics (COHFE), situated within Forest (Scion) Research.  

Tim’s major research interest is concerned with the role of organisational issues in occupational health, safety and wellbeing.  He has led projects across a broad range of topics within this scope, including tourism safety and wellbeing, organisational health and safety culture, stress and workplace bullying, and workplace violence.  Tim has more than 100 peer reviewed publications, 26 of these are published in A* and A ranked (ABDC; ERA) international journals, and his research has been presented in several conference keynote addresses.  His research on tourism safety and workplace bullying has been the subject of multiple media contributions, and has had policy impacts and informed organisational practice.

As a Principal Investigator for the Health Research Council of NZ on two occasions, Tim led a recently completed multidisciplinary government-funded project concerned with workplace bullying and stress in NZ workplaces. Tim has taught in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety, Human Resource Management, and Management.  He is Scientific Editor for the international journal, Applied Ergonomics and is on the Editorial Board for a number of other journals.

Research Areas:

  • Occupational health, safety and wellbeing
  • Workplace psychosocial factors, including workplace bullying and violence
  • Tourism health, safety and wellbeing

Current Research Projects:

  • HR management of workplace bullying in the UK and NZ
  • New Zealand Workplace Violence Survey
  • Evaluation of a qualitative safety culture assessment tool
  • NZ and UK tourism sector wellbeing survey
  • Employment law and workplace bullying
  • Workplace bullying prevalence survey of Asian countries


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