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Associate Professor of Economics

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BA (Economics and Philosophy), University of Auckland
Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (Honours), Victoria University of Wellington
PhD in Economics, Yale University

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Member, Centre for Mathematical Social Science, University of Auckland
  • Member, ATE Research Network, Massey University
  • Member, American Economic Association (


I joined AUT in August 2014.  My previous appointments were with the University of Auckland and the Australian National University.  I’m am also a member (and co-founder) of the Centre for Mathematical Social Science (CMSS), serving as its Director in 2013.  The CMSS is based at the University of Auckland, but has participation from AUT and Massey, as well as a number of international affiliates.  It is a multi-disciplinary research centre that applies mathematical and computational techniques to address questions from economics, political science, psychology and philosophy.

Teaching Areas:


Research Areas:

•    Decision theory
•    Risk and uncertainty
•    Auction markets

Research Summary:

My research focusses on how people make decisions in environments exposed to risk or uncertainty.  Much of this work is theoretical, but I have also worked on applications ranging from pharmaceutical advertising to public-private partnerships to entrepreneurial decision-making. 

Current Research Projects:

Stochastic models of choice under risk and uncertainty


Programme Committee Chair, 35th Australasian Economic Theory Workshop, AUT (13-14 February, 2017)  



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  • University of Auckland Business School Research Excellence Award (New Researcher category), 2003.
  • A.R. Bergstrom Prize in Econometrics, New Zealand Association of Economists, 1996

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