Associate Professor William Yu Chung Wang

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Associate Professor

Phone: +64 9 9219999 ext 5048


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  • PhD in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems, UniSA
  • Certified BENQ F1 ERP Instructor
  • Certificate of SAP ERP V6 TERP 1e
  • CIW Professional and Security Analyst
  • MicroSoft SQL MCT

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Association of Information Systems
  • Performance Measurement Association
  • NZPICS - Association for Operations and Supply Chain Professionals


With the experiences of being an IT engineer and corporate consultant, Associate Professor William Y C Wang has supervised research projects and provided industrial consultancy in Australasia and Asian regions regarding supply chain management, global supply chain planning, and business process re-engineering. He also has experiences in practical projects in Enterprise Systems such as the planning of implementing SAP and MS Dynamics.

These researches have specifically highlighted on the interdisciplinary issues related to B2B integration, enterprise systems adoption & maintenance, and supply chain configuration for large firms and SMEs. Those are both quantitative and qualitative. He also serves on the editorial board/advisory board of several international journals.

His papers appear in Information Systems Journal, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Supply Chain Management – an International Journal, International Journal of Production Planning and Control and proceedings of international conferences

Teaching Areas:

Currently teaching/coordinating:

  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • Electronic Commerce and Application
  • Business Process Management
Courses taught before:
  • Database Management
  • Business Application Programming
  • Systems Analysis
  • Operation Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Accounting Information Systems

Research Areas:

  • Post-Adoption in IS Maintenance and Business Process Innovation
  • RFID Implementation in the Industries
  • Supply Chain Integration in Multinational Firms and the SCOR Model
  • Business Dynanmics and the Impacts on Information Systems
  • Enterprise Architecture for Global Enterprises
  • Digital Innovation and Patent Right Management


  • Wang YC, Ho SC, Ho TH, Intelligence Portable Measurement Device (IT Product Patent Right Granted, commencing from Dec, 2011) Patent number: Category 1, 04237-1004211269001 .
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