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Associate Professor

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  • PhD (Comparative Management)
  • PCGHE (Higher Education)
  • CLTHE (Higher Education)
  • BA (hons) (History)


Simon's principal research interest focuses on business networks and alliances from the perspective of business economics and strategy within a historical framework. In particular this research has examined industries that have been transformed by changes in organisation and technology, such as the grocery industry and the publishing industry. His earlier research was in the area of comparative management, and the focus on the role of culture and social networks continues to be an important aspect of his research into business networks from a socio-economic perspective. Simon is the coordinator of the Business and Labour History Group within the New Zealand Work Research Institute.


Simon is regularly invited to speak both to academic and industry focused conferences. Simon was invited to present a paper at the Australian Academy of Social Sciences 2005 workshop (Brisbane, August 2005), and regularly gives competitive papers at the Association of Business Historians, European Business History Association, the Academy of International Business, and the Business & Economics Society International conferences. He was invited to address the logistics industry at the Queensland Supply-Chain Seminar: An International Conference (Brisbane, July 2004), and was invited to speak on the topic of competition and change within the supermarket industry at Red Hot: The 7th NZ Food & Beverage Conference (Auckland, April 2005). Simon reviews for and is on the board of several international journals, and was the founding editor of the Faculty of Business Research Paper series, Enterprise and Innovation.


His research has gained support both from industry, major research funding bodies such as the Leverhulme Trust, the Economic and Social Research Council (UK), and government, such as from the Generalitat de Catalunya (Batista i Roca scholarship). Simon has also won competitive scholarships and recognition awards for his research, including the IBM best paper prize at the 2002 E-Business Conference (University of Birmingham, UK). 

Simon has been teaching in business schools at graduate and postgraduate level since 1994. He currently teaches on a range of papers across the PhD, MBus, MBA and BBus programmes, and also delivers executive development programmes for major international organisations both in NZ and overseas. Recently this has included running the strategic planning, implementation and performance management sessions on a three-year management training programme for one of Australasia’s largest companies, and project management executive training to large NZ organizations and internationally and small NGOs locally. Simon has an interest in tertiary education research, and holds two masters level degrees in education, the PGCHE and the CLTHE.


Previously Simon has worked at the Centre for International Business Studies (CiBS), London South Bank University (UK), Loughborough University (UK) and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain) as a visitor and Visiting Fellow to the Centre for International Business History at the University of Reading (UK). Currently he is Research Associate to CiBS and the Centre for Institutional and Organisation Studies, University of Newcastle, Australia.




Teaching Areas:

Expertise in Degree and Postgraduate Teaching

  • Business history
  • Business strategy, technology and innovation
  • International business
  • Project management

Interests in Research Supervision

  • Business networks
  • Business strategy and implementation
  • Business history

Research areas:

Areas of Research Expertise and Interest
  • Business strategy
  • International business strategy
  • Innovation management
  • Strategy and innovation management implementation through project management
  • Business history

Current Research Projects:

  • Strategy and innovation within a business history framework
  • Organisation, technology and industrial change
  • Teaching, learning and technology
  • Consumer-driven innovation


Research Monographs

  • (with Howard Cox) (2014) Revolutions from Grub Street - A History of Magazine Publishing in Britain, Oxford University Press.

    Reviews for Revolutions from Grub Street:

    ‘This compelling study of the evolution of consumer magazine publishing is a milestone in business and economic history. Charting the evolution of the industry in Britain from its 17th century origins through to the digital age, this well-researched book provides new perspectives on the links between the strategies of leading publishing firms and the imperatives of technological progress and social change. By focusing on the business dynamics and structures, the authors should be congratulated on providing a refreshingly new perspective on an industry which has shaped markets and cultural attitudes.’
    Geoffrey Jones, Isidor Straus Professor of Business History, Harvard Business School

    ‘From Tit-Bits in the 19th century to OK! In the 21st, mass-circulation consumer magazines have been a remarkably durable feature of the publishing scene, surviving far better than newspapers the periodic upheavals in technology and in distribution methods. Yet as new entry has become easier the structure of the industry, and the identity of the leading players, has been anything but stable. By describing in interesting detail how competitive forces have played out in this market, and providing a lively account of the role played by individual entrepreneurs, Cox and Mowatt have made a notable contribution to an under-researched aspect of British publishing history.’
    Geoffrey Owen, former editor of the Financial Times

    'A fascinating and long overdue account of the behind-the-scenes dynamics and changing business models of the UK magazine industry over the last 300 years. Any serious student of this key sector in the UK creative economy should read this book.'
    Barry McIlheney, CEO, Professional Publishers Association (PPA)

    'At last, a history of magazines. There has long been a gap when it comes to books about magazines in that there has been no substantial history of the industry ... Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt are the first authors to take on the complete story ... Cox and Mowatt have written a densely-referenced but brisk summary of almost 400 years of magazine-making, of clear interest to academics and researchers in business and strategy ... Grub Street will  at last enable course leaders on magazine journalism and publishing courses to address a gaping hole in their syllabuses.'
    Tony Quinn, founder of, former magazine editor at BBC/Redwood & School of Publishing at West Herts College, and currently the Chief Production Journalist for the Financial Times. Full review:

    'The strength of Cox and Mowatt’s book is that it tells the story of magazine publishing in Britain from a business point of view ... It traces how the various British publishing companies’ fortunes rose and fell, how they were established, taken over and altered on the back of a handful of phenomenally successful titles, how their eventual fates were sealed by money, technology, squabbles in the boardroom and on the factory floor, too-rapid expansion and, more often than not, by ending up with so much invested in the status quo that they were no longer able to see how that status quo might change. The fact that it focuses on magazines as a business does not mean that it’s lacking in characters, heroes and indeed nut jobs.'
    David Hepworth, former editorial director of Emap Consumer Magazines, and now editorial director of Development Hell
    Full review:

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

  • (with Kamrul Ahsan and Norbert Mass) (in press), "Factors Influencing Public Sector Employees Intention to Work on Projects", International Journal of Project Organisation and Management.

  • (with Howard Cox) (2014 in press) “Monopoly, Power, and Politics in Fleet Street: The Controversial Birth of IPC Magazines 1958-1963,” Business and Economic History Online, Volume 12, pp. 1-12, ISSN 1941-7349.

  • (with Howard Cox) (2012), “Vogue in Britain: Authenticity and the Creation of Competitive Advantage in the UK Magazine Industry”, Business History, 54(1), pp. 67-87.

  • Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt (2009) “Creating Images of Fashion: Consumer Magazines and American Competition in Britain, 1910-1940”, Business and Economic History Online, Volume 7, pp. 1-12, ISSN 1941-7349

  • (with Howard Cox) (2008), “Technological Change and Forms of Innovation in Consumer Magazine Publishing: a UK-based Study“, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, Volume 20, Number 2, pp. 503-520.

  • (2006), “New Perspectives on the Supply-Chain and Consumer-Driven Innovation“, International Journal of Services Technology Management, Volume 7, Number 5-6, pp515-534.

  • (with Howard Cox and Stuart Young) (2005), “Innovation and Organisation in the UK Magazine Print Publishing Industry: A Survey”, Global Business and Economics Review, Volume 7, Number 1, pp.111-127.

  • (with Howard Cox) (2004), “Consumer-Driven Innovation Networks and E-Business Management Systems”, Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, Volume 7, Number 1, pp. 9-20.

  • (with Howard Cox and Martha Prevezer) (2003), “New Product Development within a Network Setting: The Case of the Chilled Ready-Meals Industry in the UK”, Industry and Innovation, Volume 10, Number 2, pp. 197-217.

  • (with Howard Cox and Martha Prevezer) (2002), "The Firm in the Information Age: Organizational Responses to Technological Change in the Processed Foods Sector", Industrial and Corporate Change, Volume 11, Number 1, pp.135-158.

  • (with Howard Cox and Martha Prevezer) (1999) "The Management of Subcontracted Networks as an Alternative to Internalisation: the Shift from the Standardised to the Specialised in Frozen and Chilled Foods," Global Business and Economics Review, Volume 1, Number 2, pp. 119-138.

Chapters in Research-based Books:

  • (with Howard Cox and Martha Prevezer), (2008) “New Product Development within a Network Setting: The Case of the Chilled Ready-Meals Industry in the UK”, Chapter 7 in: The Economics of Networks, International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series, Mark Casson and Marina Giusta (eds.), Edward Elgar: Cheltenham pp. 100-120.

  • (2006), “Collaboration for Innovation in Consumer-Driven Supply-Chains“, Boyce, G and Ville, S (eds), How Organisations Connect: Investing in Communication, Melbourne University Press: Melbourne.

  • (2004), “Impacts of the Digital Economy: The Shift to Consumer-Driven Competition and Life-Span Products in Magazine Publishing and Food Retailing”, Chapter 7 in Harbhajan Kehal and Varinder Singh (eds), Digital Economy: Impacts, Influences and Challenges, Idea Group Publishing: Penn, pp. 136-153.

  • (with Howard Cox, Merlin Stone, Martha Prevezer and Mark Cerasale) (2004), “Transformation in Food Retailing”, chapter 2 in Business Solutions on Demand, Kogan Page: London pp. 22-38.

  • (with Howard Cox) (2004) “Consumer-Driven Innovation Networks and E-Business Management Systems”, journal paper reprinted as chapter 1 in E-Business, e-Book published by Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

    Please see the Faculty Working Series Enterprise and Innovation for the complete set of working papers, including my own papers.

Professional Reports and Trade Press:

  • Simon Mowatt (2007) "Welcome to the club: the hidden importance of trade journals", Grocers Review, May, pp. 22-24.

  • Simon Mowatt (2004), “The Changing Grocery Landscape: Supermarkets, Suppliers and Power”, Grocer’s Review, November 2004, pp. 58-59.

  • (with Howard Cox) (2003) “Getting to the point of sale”, Grocer’s Review, August 2003, p.43.

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