The Office of Pacific Advancement

The Office of Pacific Advancement at AUT is committed to the advancement of the Pacific communities in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands through education, research, professional training, academic opportunities and partnerships.

Role of the Office of Pacific Advancement

Key on the Office of Pacific Advancement’s agenda is to enhance AUT’s reputation as a major provider of tertiary education and Pacific-relevant research that will support our Pacific leaders’ vision for “a region of peace, harmony, security and economic prosperity, so that all of its people can lead free and worthwhile lives” (Auckland Declaration, April 2004).

Our staff and graduates are empowered to assume positions of responsibility and leadership and to make extraordinary contributions to that vision.

The Office of Pacific Advancement also provides strategic oversight on matters concerning AUT’s Pacific students, staff and communities in New Zealand and around the Pacific. It supports proactive engagement with internal and external stakeholders to implement Pacific-focused initiatives and strategies as they relate to the objectives laid out in AUT’s Strategic Plan 2012-2016.

AUT’s Pacific advancement initiatives 

AUT and the Office of Pacific Advancement are leading initiatives designed to:

  • Build relationships with Pacific communities and key stakeholders
  • Encourage access, success and advancement of AUT’s Pacific staff and students
  • Promote teaching and research that benefits Pacific communities
  • Develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in university activities
  • Raise the profile of AUT’s successes in the Pacific space amongst the wider public in New Zealand and abroad

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