Tokelau language week

Malo ni!

In 2017 we are celebrating Tokelau language week from Monday 23 - Saturday 29 October.

This week gives us an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful and unique culture and language of Tokelau and its people.

There are around 2,500 speakers of Tokelauan in New Zealand, that's over 34% of our Tokelauan population. 

The theme for this year is ‘Pokotau ki au kapuga – Ke mau mai tau foe’, which translates as ‘Challenge the size of the swirl made by your paddle’. This encourages Tokelauan families to take every opportunity available to learn, teach and hold on to their language, culture and identity.

At AUT this year, we are linking a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal with every Pacific language week, to generate discussions and debates about the issues that are affecting our Pacific countries.

For Tokelau language week, we are talking about Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, which is a problem in Tokelau due to the ever-increasing risk of drought, brought on by climate change. 

Jewel Toloa - Postgraduate Diploma in Emergency Management

Jewel Toloa is passionate about promoting the importance of water management in Tokelau. Jewel is also part of the SPREP team who is improving water management in Tokelau, through the advancement of infrastructure and workshops for communities.  


"We need one hundred percent of our population in Tokelau to have access to clean drinking water. The main source of water is rain water, so this puts us at risk in droughts, and with the risk increasing with the effects of climate change, something needs to be done."

"E manakomia e tagata uma i luga o Tokelau ke maua te huavai mamā. Ko na ua oioti teia e mafai ke maua mai ai na huavai mamā e fakaaoga ke inu, ko te mafuaaga tenei e maualuga ai foki na popolega kafai e pā ki na vaitau o te mūgalā kaemaihe ai na Aafiaga mai na huiga o te tau. E lahi te galuega e manakomia ona fakatino."

Useful resources for Tokelau language week

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