Fijian language week

Bula Vinaka! 

Fijian Language Week provides us an opportunity here at AUT for all staff and students to learn, speak, and celebrate the indigenous language of Fiji, through language, song, dance, cultural displays, and community events.

This year, Fijian language week is celebrated from 2 - 8 October with the theme Noqu vosa, me’u bula taka – My language, learn it, speak it, live it!

Here at AUT, we are using this week to talk and discuss the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing.

Naomi Lovodua - Senior Gym Supervisor (AUT South Campus)


“Health and well-being is a phrase that gets used all the time. In my environment, it usually means moving more or exercise. Which isn't always easy, life gets busy! So it has to have meaning - why move more? 

"For some it's the pure joy of moving. For others, they want to be able to walk around a park with their kids without feeling breathless. For me, health and well-being is tied to enjoyment and happiness. I want to be healthy so that I can do the things I enjoy with the people I care about. When you give meaning to moving more and moving better it becomes a lifestyle. It's not what we do that defines us, but the meaning behind what we do that's important.”

"Na tiko bulabula kei na galala sa noda i tovo ni bula. E na noqu tabana ni cakacaka e qaravi kina na vakadre yago. Qo e sega so ni rawarawa ka ni da dau osooso,se cava me da yavavala kina vakalevu e na vakadre yago?

Vei ira e so e ra dau taleitaka na vakadre yago. Era taubale e veivanua, ra kau toka na gone, ia e ra sega ni oca se vuturi.

Vei au, na tiko bulabula rau sala vata kei na bula galala kei na bula mamarau, sega kina na loma ocaoca.

Noqu veimaliwai kei ira noqu veikilai e vu mai na noqu bulataka na veika au vakabauta ni solia na bula galala.”

Useful resources for Fiji language week

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