Fijian language week

Bula Vinaka! 

Fijian language week provides us all the opportunity to learn, speak, and celebrate the indigenous language of Fiji, through language, song, dance, cultural displays, and community events.

This year, Fijian language week is celebrated from 8 - 14 October and here at AUT, we are using this week to talk and discuss the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 1: No Poverty.

Mere Ramaka - Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy)

Mere Ramaka - Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy)

"In everything you do, do it wholeheartedly and persevere. In all that you take on, complete it to a high standard."

"This Fijian quote is special to me as my parents have  been telling me this since I was very small and it has helped me get to where I am today.

"My parents saw my potential and wanted me to succeed, whether in church, sports or school, they would always say this to me.

"It's something that has always stuck in my mind, whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or stressed, it helps me to focus on my goals and why I am here. It keeps me grounded on the right track." 

Useful resources for Fijian language week

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