Peter Furlong

Peter Furlong

4th-year student, Bachelor of Business in International Business and Bachelor of Communication Studies in Television and Screen Production conjoint programmes

His dream is to make films, says Peter Furlong who is studying a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Communication Studies.

“I would love to have an international film career once I graduate as I know it’s where my passions and talents are. I chose to study television and screen production because it puts me on the road to this goal. I’m also passionate about travelling and living overseas, so decided to study international business as it enables me to academically learn about cultures from all over the world.”

There have been many highlights throughout his studies, Peter says.

“In my film major, I was able to make short films and studio shows, learning all the techniques while having the facilities and guidance to make my ideas come to life. I also appreciated the media and communication papers, which have widened my perspective. In my business major, I’ve enjoyed discovering how New Zealand business differs from other countries, and how to approach these differences within a business context.”

Unmissable overseas opportunities
Being able spend a semester on a student exchange in France has been the highpoint for Peter.

“A key aspect that drew me to the International Business major was that students are required to gain international experience as part of their degree, either by going on a student exchange or by completing their workplace experience overseas. I went on an exchange to Grenoble Ecole de Management, a well-recognised business school in France.”

During his exchange, Peter enjoyed being exposed to a different way of living, making new friends from around the world and travelling to many different countries.

“I chose to go to France as the university attracts many international exchange students, and the French language and delicious pastries have always appealed to me. It definitely was the right choice. The experience made me more independent, deepened my understanding of international concepts, and I made lifelong friends from all over the globe, from Bosnia to Newfoundland in Canada.”

Advice for other students
Currently in his fourth year, Peter has some great advice for other students.

“I know a lot of people find it difficult to decide what they want to study at university, but put as much effort and brain power as you can into finding out what your passions are. AUT has a wide range of options to explore, so that you’ll have the best university experience. I’d also recommend going on a student exchange. It’ll be the best time of your life.”

There have been some challenges, Peter admits.

“There were definitely some times when I wanted to give up the conjoint and just choose one major. I had to teach myself a system to switch between my majors, and I’m glad I managed to achieve this. I’m coming to the end of my studies now – it’s only been four years of study and I’ve learnt so much, and managed to create a legitimate short film and go to France.”

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