Student visas and permits

If you are an international student you are required by law to hold a valid visa for the duration of your study at AUT. All new international students must show AUT a copy of their valid visa to study at AUT no later than semester start. To ensure you have a valid visa to study at AUT, we will send you reminders before semester starts.

Apply at AUT from within NZ

If you are in NZ: apply for your student visa at AUT

You can apply for a visa on campus and pay your fees at the same time.
Apply with AUT from outside New Zealand

Outside of NZ: apply through Immigration New Zealand

You need to have your student visa to study at AUT approved by Immigration New Zealand before you arrive in Auckland.

Why you need a valid student visa

The New Zealand Government requires all international students to have a valid student visa for the duration of their academic study at AUT.
You need a valid student visa to complete your enrolment. It should show the correct programme and institute of study details (eg Bachelor of Business at AUT). It is your responsibility to ensure that your visa/permit is valid throughout the duration of your study at AUT.

There are consequences of not having a valid visa to study at AUT.

What happens if you don't have a valid visa

AUT will:
  • Send you a final warning on the day that semester starts
  • Suspend your services after one day of semester
  • Send you a warning notice on day 2 of semester, confirming we have suspended your access to services at AUT
  • After 14 days - withdraw you from your programme of study, cancel all your enrolment into papers and arrange a refund for you
  • Notify Immigration New Zealand

Find out more about student visas

Immigration New Zealand can help with:

  • Visa eligibility
  • Terms and conditions of gaining a visa
  • Application process
  • Information about medical and x-ray certificates (if required)
  • Immigration advice if you plan to apply for permanent residency or a work visa after your studies

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