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Social orientation

Foam party
AuSM (Auckland Student Movement @ AUT) provides a range of entertainment each semester on all three campuses

AuSM Orientation

The most anticipated event of the year is AuSM Orientation, which is held at the beginning of Semester 1 each year. AuSM schedules a variety of activities, concerts and events over two weeks for students to enjoy. Most events are free or heavily subsidised for AUT students.

AuSM also dishes out student diaries, wall planners and booty bags jam-packed with freebies during Orientation. Daily free feeds are provided on each campus.


Reorientation awaits as you return to AUT after the mid-year break. AuSM delivers one week of entertainment designed to ease your winter blues away as you get back into the swing of campus life.

Free Feeds

Free feedAuSM provides a revolving menu of hot meals once a week on the North Shore (Tuesday) and City Campus (Thursday) including a vegetarian option and fresh fruit. South Campus Free Feeds take place on the first Wednesday of each month.

AuSM Events

AuSM organises weekly activities across all three campuses plus special events such as the Playboy Easter Party, October Beerfest, Foam Parties and the NZ Air Guitar Championships. Find out what’s on.
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