I want to Meet More People

  • Student Ambassadors
    Student Ambassadors are experienced students volunteer their time to help new students settle in during their first semester at AUT University. Visit this area of the site to learn more about what Student Ambassadors do, how to get a Student Ambassador and how to become a Student Ambassador.
  • Social events, clubs and activities
    At AUT, there are many ways to get involved, be social and improve your time here. Between campus events and the clubs, sports and services supported by AuSM - AUT’s student association - you can quickly fill your time outside of studying.
  • AUT Chinese Centre
    The Chinese Centre provides pastoral and academic assistance for students from the Chinese region. In association with the AUT Chinese Student Association, the Chinese Centre organises various social activities such as a free BBQ, a ski trip, camping, sightseeing and a mid-semester ball.

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