Saving your files

When your computer login is created, you are automatically allocated space on the AUT network. This space is known as your home directory or your ‘H:’ drive. Note: when you save to My Documents from an AUT computer you are saving to H:\data\. It is highly recommended that you save your work to this space as it is robust and can be accessed from anywhere at AUT or at home via the internet.

The default capacity for your home directory is 300 megabytes. Never save your work to the C: drive, D: drive or desktop of the computer you’re working on. It will be deleted as soon as you log off, and cannot be retrieved.

Remember to always back up your data on a personal computer, CD, USB stick or email it to yourself so that you won’t lose important work.

ithelp Saving your Files
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Last updated: 02-Feb-2016 9.57am

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