Confirmed candidature for doctoral programmes

The transition from provisional admission to full registration (confirmation of candidature) occurs after twelve months and is done by submitting a full research proposal on Form PGR9 'Confirmation of candidature'. 

To access the form mentioned above, see postgraduate forms.

Candidates for a professional doctorate will normally submit a full research proposal when nearing the end of the coursework component.

Normally the main data collection should not commence prior to confirmation. It is incumbent on the candidate and supervisors to ensure that any requirements for ethical approval are met prior to the commencement of the data gathering, if applicable.

All candidates are required to present their PGR9 at one of the faculty seminars, prior to submitting to the University Postgraduate Board for consideration.

All doctoral candidates who have had their candidature confirmed will be eligible to hold an AUT business card. This will be facilitated by the Graduate Research School.

For more information regarding ethics approval, visit the Research Ethics website.

A full description of guidelines and processes can be found in the AUT Postgraduate Handbook.

Applying for confirmed candidature

Form PGR9 'Confirmation of candidature' is considered by the faculty postgraduate committee which makes a recommendation to the University Postgraduate Board. The University Postgraduate Board considers the proposal and will either accept it and confirm candidature, recommend revisions or decline further enrolment. Candidates are notified by the Graduate Research School of the outcome.

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