Rugby World Cup 2011 in Auckland – Get Involved!

Rugby World Cup (RWC) 2011 kicks off on 9 September

As a student in Auckland, you have a fantastic opportunity to see the world’s largest rugby tournament! It’s going to be a great party. Below are some tips for how you can get involved and enjoy yourself.


Auckland is the hub of Rugby World Cup 2011, with the region hosting a match on every weekend of the tournament.
Fifteen of the 48 matches will be played at two Auckland venues, with 11 matches at Eden Park and four at North Harbour Stadium. Eden Park will host the opening match on 9 September and the final on 23 October.

Three blockbuster matches at Eden Park will see New Zealand take on France, Australia play Ireland, and England face Scotland.

Find out more about the match schedule

Safety Tips

  • Behave appropriately at the venues; be polite and respectful to other fans and stadium staff.
  • Do not try to smuggle alcohol into the venue. It will be confiscated and you may be asked to leave the match.


Fanzones allow you to share the RWC 2011 experience with thousands of others as you watch matches live on big screens, take in concerts and enjoy the best of New Zealand's food, wine, arts and culture. There are four in Auckland, with the largest on Queens Wharf, in downtown Auckland.

Find out where the Fanzones are

Safety Tips

  • Be polite and respectful to other fans, everyone is there to enjoy themselves and support their team
  • Keep your possessions close at all times and do not carry large amounts of cash.
  • Let your friends or flatmates know your plans and arrange to meet at a location, if you get separated or lost.
  • Be aware of the times Fanzones will be busy and plan accordingly


Over 85,000 fans will arrive in New Zealand for the two months of the tournament, with a large number of those expected right here in Auckland.

Accommodation will be in high demand, and students living in private accommodation should be mindful of their rental/lease agreements.

Safety Tips

  • Where possible, negotiate your accommodation with the actual accommodation provider and not through a third party.
  • We also recommend you contact the building manager and check if the landlord is known to them and has the right to negotiate a contract with you.


The extra tourists and fans visiting for RWC 2011 will impact travel around Auckland. Large crowds and traffic congestion are expected around RWC 2011 venues in the hours before and after events. Parking at many Park’n’Ride locations will be in high demand.

The last two weeks of the tournament will also be holiday time for primary and secondary schools – this will further add to traffic congestion.

Safety Tips

  • Plan ahead – know when the matches are and work out if traffic or crowds will impact on your journey.
  • If you are able, and your journey is relatively short, why not walk? Enjoy the health benefits and soak up the party atmosphere!
  • Expect delays – it’s going to be a busy few months in Auckland.
  • Allow yourself extra time to get where you are going, and remember, it’s not going to be like this forever.

Be prepared, stay safe and have a great time!

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