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By making an informed decision about your choice of university programme you will increase the likelihood of undertaking satisfying study and gaining academic and career success. It is important to think through options when choosing a major or specialisation, considering postgraduate study or assessing whether you are in the right programme.

What major or specialisation should I choose? (pdf)

Read about key areas to consider when choosing a major, including subjects of interest, fascinating careers, work values and trends into the future regarding the New Zealand labour market.

Am I in the right programme? (pdf)

Often when you’re struggling to understand a particular topic or have received a low grade, you can start to wonder whether you’ve made the right programme choice.

There are many factors that could be impacting on your ability to do well, including personal and academic challenges. It is important to identify these and find a way to overcome them.

Should I do postgraduate studies? (pdf)

Postgraduate studies offer personal and professional benefits. Professionally postgraduate study increases your knowledge and skill base and can open up new opportunities in the workplace.  
Before enrolling, ask yourself:

  • Are you interested enough in the subject to continue into more in depth study?
  • How would postgraduate study enhance your career prospects?
  • What thesis/dissertation topic would enhance your career prospects?
  • What skills and other attributes will you gain through postgraduate study?
  • Do you have much work experience? If not, how will you fill the experience gap to complement your postgraduate studies? 

Postgraduate study options at AUT

Career counselling appointments

The AUT Employability and Careers team offers individual career counselling to help you explore your career options and support you with your career decision making.

New to AUT?
Contact the AUT Student Hub to make an appointment with our Employability and Career specialists.

Phone: 0800 AUT UNI (0800 288 864) between 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday

Current AUT students and graduates
Visit CareerHub for appointments for career counselling

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