ICT Account Registration

How to Register your ICT Account 

All students (new and returning) must complete the registration process to gain Internet access at AUT.  After completing the registration students will get 15GB/month free Internet data.  During the registration process you will be asked to reset your default DOB password and also setup password hints so that you can retrieve your password when needed.  If you are logging into an AUT computer you will be prompted to complete the registration when you first login. 

You can also register your account from home:

  1. Open up a web browser.
  2. Go to UniCentral.aut.ac.nz and login with your network login and password (your default password is in the following format:  date of birth followed by 3 letters of the month e.g. 01jan)
  3. Click on the orange highlighted link that says "Please complete first time registration”
  4. Press Accept policies and follow through the steps to set up your accounts.

Note: You do not need Internet access to login to Blackboard(AUTonline).

To print details and screenshots of this procedure, see internet and account setup on ithelp [ithelp]

Last updated: 18-Aug-2015 9.44am

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