Graduation and completing your qualification

This page outlines what Graduation is, and the preparations you need to make ahead of time so that you can attend the ceremony, and be capped on the day. It also outlines the University process which determines whether you are eligible to graduate.
Graduation is the culmination of your hard work at AUT University, the point at which your award is bestowed and a day to celebrate your achievement.

The Graduation ceremony itself is the official awarding of a qualification.

In order for graduation ceremonies to be a time for celebration, certain things need to be done in advance.

These are the first steps
  • Meet the requirements of the programme qualification
  • Ensure that all payments are up to date
  • Apply to graduate

Completing your qualification

Every programme of study offered by AUT University has regulations which prescribe the requirements for completion of the qualification.

If you meet these requirements you are eligible (subject to the approval of examination boards and Academic Registry) to have your qualification granted.

All eligible students will then have their names recommended to Council of the University. The Council then grants the qualification which may be at a regular Council meeting or a graduation ceremony.

Important notes:

  • The decision to grant the qualification is at the discretion of the University, as is the date of granting.
  • The date of granting is unaffected by a student’s decision to defer their attendance to a later ceremony. For example, a student could complete their qualification at the end of semester 2, be granted their qualification in December, decide not to attend the December graduation ceremony but elect to attend the mid-year ceremony and receive their parchment at that time (a deferral). In such a case the official date of granting would be recorded in their academic record as December, not mid-year.

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The information on this page was correct at time of publication. For a comprehensive overview of AUT qualifications, please refer to the Academic Calendar.